January 2004

vadavaka Tournament Champion
GRITS | Monday, 05-Jan-04 17:27:16

Two of the top players in the ricochet community met for the Chanmpionship match. Both are excellent players and the match was long anticipated. Reciprocity aka razor9 came out on top and was awarded the grand prize for the First official vadavaka.com tournament. There is a ricochet deathmatch tournament in the making and plans for a summer arena tournament. Congratulations to all of the players for making it a fun tournament and helping me create the rules.

HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY deathbybrew
GRITS | Thursday, 08-Jan-04 21:18:27

For those of us that remember this player I thought I would post a Happy Birthday to him
He was one of my senior admins and probably the best player on the HLDM servers
Happy Birthday brew

SoulSolutions Birthday
GRITS | Saturday, 10-Jan-04 19:13:21


He turns 19 today...there is a post in the forums stop in and leave him your best wishes

CS can be fun
GRITS | Sunday, 18-Jan-04 17:53:02

I know you have never heard me say anything nice about CounterStrike but it can be fun if it is played with the right people. It does tend to put a spur in everyone's saddle and even some of the 'nicest' ricochet players can be accusatory when frustration sets in. So long as it stays a game it can be immense fun and yet another place you can hang with friends. Join us when you get a chance.

GRITS | Saturday, 31-Jan-04 06:28:16

brokend turns 18 today...Happy Birthday broke hope it is a good one for you...come play CS with us

December 2003

Quickening turns 16!!!!
Gwarsbane | Saturday, 27-Dec-03 22:55:05

Happy Sweet 16 to Quickening as GRITS would say.

Even thou he has gone over to steam he is still active in the ricochet community please take a moment to wish him the best

August 2003

GRITS | Thursday, 14-Aug-03 17:19:20


GRITS | Friday, 15-Aug-03 18:11:25

He turns a quarter of a century old today.
Everyone sends best wishes to one of our favorite admins.

GRITS | Saturday, 16-Aug-03 20:28:25

Please welcome our newest Junior admins
[GAG]Killing Spree

I want to keep the servers as player friendly as possible...what a better way to do it than with this quality of players as admins

When the servers were down
GRITS | Saturday, 16-Aug-03 21:36:38

News from Holdouts as to what happen to the servers the other night

"There was a water accident at the data center facility around 6:30PM EST today and the main CISCO router was ruined. A replacement was found and installed around 10:00PM EST. We apologize as the network was unavailable during this period. Our servers are hooked to natural gas power generators and power was not the issue. All servers should now be up and operational. Please email support@holdouts.com if you are still experiencing any issues. We apologize for the down time. "

W32.Sobig.F@mm worm/virus going around...
Gwarsbane | Wednesday, 20-Aug-03 18:19:49

There is a new worm/virus going around called W32.Sobig.F@mm

This thing is causing problems all over the place. Alot of big companies have been hit. I myself have had at least 7 or 8 messages with the worm/virus included with them.

Thankfully I run Agent as my e-mail program and it doesn't auto run attachments like Outlook/Outlook Express does.


Before running the removal tool make sure you read all the instructions on the page first. If you are not sure what do to then get check with a local Tech freind. If yo uare work make sure your network admin knows of this removal tool.

Also make sure that your windows updates are upto date and that your antivirus program is also upto date.

Here is the removal tool for it, again make sure you read all the instructions first before using the tool. W32.Sobig.F@mm removal tool

APEX 23rd Birthday
GRITS | Monday, 25-Aug-03 18:24:46

Maybe he is playing under an alias these days, I don't see him around much....maybe he will show up for some birthday wishes...if you see him around wish him a Happy Birthday from me too.

OMG it's Pique's Birthday
GRITS | Tuesday, 26-Aug-03 20:23:49


GRITS | Saturday, 30-Aug-03 18:14:19

WOW this is a big one....
Our beloved Knightmare turns 18 today please pass along your best wishes to one of the best Ricochet Players of all time.

June 2003

Testing one more time
Gwarsbane | Saturday, 07-Jun-03 05:59:32

Testing again

GRITS | Sunday, 08-Jun-03 19:05:22


Uploading in the forums working again
Gwarsbane | Sunday, 08-Jun-03 19:20:22

3 little letters stopped the uploading to the forums, but that is now fixed.

If you have any other problems with the forums please post them in the pinned topic in the general section so that they can be found and fixed.

New Rule added...
Gwarsbane | Thursday, 12-Jun-03 02:03:28

If you have on a clan tag or a name that is not yours you will be asked to remove it and if you don't then you will be kicked. If you return and still have the clan tag or name on then you will be banned.

Server page updated...
Gwarsbane | Tuesday, 17-Jun-03 03:13:11

All 3 of the Vadavaka servers are now on the server page so you can check to see who is currently on without having to actually go into Half-Life.

Thank you Holdouts for fixin up that link for us.

May 2003

Historical Event
GRITS | Monday, 05-May-03 17:31:28

30 Years ago today...lil face popped into this world. It is of historical significance because he actually survived 30 years....
As he moves into the "omg you are how old?" category with some of the rest of us please take the time today to wish him Happy Birthday :bp:

GRITS | Wednesday, 07-May-03 03:26:11

Our Beloved Shalk turns 16 today HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHALK
If you would like to leave personal wishes check out the forums.

GRITS | Wednesday, 07-May-03 03:26:16

Our Beloved Shalk turns 16 today HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHALK
If you would like to leave personal wishes check out the forums.

Lots of stuff on Half-Life 2
Gwarsbane | Thursday, 08-May-03 10:24:32

The online embargo of Half-Life 2 is now over so we'll be seeing lots and lots of articles on it over the next while.

Check out Planet Half-Life for lots of links to Half-Life 2 stuff.

GRITS | Friday, 09-May-03 17:17:21

Holdouts Ricochet GRITS' Place is moving to a new address.
More information to follow

GRITS | Sunday, 11-May-03 17:20:42

Please take the time to wish .asm a Happy 25th Birthday
That makes him a quarter of a century old....wow

GRITS | Monday, 12-May-03 19:10:37

Received this from Holdouts thougt I would share it with all


This is just an update to let you guys know that tonight I was finally able to track down the source of the LAG spikes that have been occurring frequently on the network the past few weeks. I was able to do some trace routes to the servers at the same time that the spikes were occurring. It is showing 5-10 seconds of massive latency at a router in the datacenter. I sent my results to my network guy and I will talk to him tomorrow to confirm/discuss what I found. This will give him proof that there is a network hardware problem and he can now make the datacenter folks replace/fix the router. I am going to make sure that he gets it fixed as soon as possible cause I know it is aggravating right now.

We have been working hard to try and find this problem and it has been difficult cause the problem doesn't happen all the time and some days were worse than others. This is also the first problem we have ever had with this host.

We are also going to do billing tonight and because of the LAG we are giving everybody two weeks on the house. Your billing cycle will start 14 dayslater than it normally would have started.

Thanks for your business,

Unofficial Half-Life 2 Movies on Planet Half-Life
Gwarsbane | Tuesday, 13-May-03 00:23:28

Planet Half-Life has a link to a video from E3 of Half-Life 2

14 meg video

GRITS | Tuesday, 13-May-03 21:16:23

Everyone knows that the Holdouts' Ricochet servers are monitored as often as possible by admins. These players are there to help maintain the quality of play of the game. Part of their tasks include kicking or gagging any player who interrupts the smooth flow of the game. This includes malcontents, grouches, afks and reconnectors. If you see an admin come on feel free to share any concerns or complaints with him or her, often that is why they are checking in. My special thanks to the admins and to all the players who help maintain the servers when admins arent available. Senior admins include:
fritoman/grape ape
Powerand Glory
We would like to welcome the newest admin for Vad's and GRITS' Ricochet servers Jabbahunt

GRITS | Tuesday, 13-May-03 21:22:42

Everyone knows that the Holdouts' Ricochet servers are monitored as often as possible by admins. These players are there to help maintain the quality of play of the game. Part of their tasks include kicking or gagging any player who interrupts the smooth flow of the game. This includes malcontents, grouches, afks and reconnectors. If you see an admin come on feel free to share any concerns or complaints with him or her, often that is why they are checking in.
My special thanks to the admins and to all the players who help maintain the servers when admins arent available.
Senior admins include:
fritoman/grape ape
Powerand Glory

We would like to welcome the newest admin for Vad's and GRITS' Ricochet servers

GRITS | Thursday, 15-May-03 20:35:25

Just received this email from Holdouts and thought the best way to disseminate the information was to share the email here in the News section.So long as prices don't go up too high I plan on maintaining all my servers after the change.

[QUOTE]Hey Guys,

Just to let you know that the host (oar.net) has been giving me the run around about proving that there is a problem with their stupid router. They want a normal traceroute when the problem occurs. That is almost impossible since by the time I issue the command for a traceroute the LAG will be gone. So I am going to argue that ping plotter uses a regular traceroute and the problem is not going away.

It may not matter much because we have decided that we are moving to a new host and leaving oar.net. We are moving because
1) oar.net has cut their budget and they no longer peer with as many providers as before
2) their slow response to issues that we are having such as the LAG spike problem and
3) they have finally finished their expansion and now want to charge us 4 times as much to bring in any new servers.

The host we are going to move everything too is named www.ee.net. Their major provider is Time Warner Telecom, but are adding more peers in the next few months. Any of you that use Road Runner (like me) will notice a definite
ping improvement.

I am not sure about any sort of move schedule or what the ips are going to be. I am going to have my network guy set up some DNS entries like:


So you can use that to connect to your server rather than having to know the ip. I know some of you have very popular servers that people only know by the ip, so hopefully you can tell them about the dns name before the move and they will be able to find you after the move.

I will let you know when I get more details. I am still going to try and get them to fix the LAG problem in the interim.


Some problems with the forums....
Gwarsbane | Thursday, 22-May-03 19:49:41

There was some problems with the forums this morning. So if you are having problems logging in use the "I've forgotten my password!" link under the login section to get the board to send you a new password.

Also some private message notifacations might have gone out to the wrong people.

Everything seems to be working now, but if you have any problems contact me or one of the admins and they will get a message back to me telling me of your problem.

Smartass celebrates birthday
GRITS | Sunday, 25-May-03 18:32:21

Ok I know that sounds like it could be any one of you.... but that is his screen name.
Might not see him around much but I believe he is a [CAKE] I will refrain from any jokes and leave them for you to use in game and just say Happy Birthday to him....
One more year before the world considers you an adult...enjoy it while you can

GRITS | Tuesday, 27-May-03 16:57:43

This should get rid of all the spike lagging we have been experiencing...thanks for your paitience and hanging in there with me.

The ips are going to be:

Holdouts Vad's HLDM
Holdouts GRITS'Arena
Holdouts GRITS'Ricochet

The web server is also changing. The ip will be and it will change after Friday some time. Point



GRITS | Friday, 30-May-03 01:54:41

Looks like today might be the day..Stefan is really good about trying to get things up before the weekend....I anticipate the website will go down too maybe not tonight but if it does we can all hang out on msn or something..
Thanks and cross your fingers for better pings and no more lag spikes

GRITS | Friday, 30-May-03 18:04:25

Not sure about anyone else but I had no idea.....hope this is a great year for you next year you move into the "never trust anyone over 30" crowd .....unless you plan on staying 29 for a few years.... you must be truly loved a HB post was started even before the "news" went up


April 2003

GRITS | Wednesday, 02-Apr-03 18:23:42

Happy Birthday Wishes go out to our one and only webmaster/admin/all around great guy


GRITS | Thursday, 03-Apr-03 02:47:35

GRITS | Thursday, 03-Apr-03 02:55:26

Sorry gang looks like HOLDOUTS has a few servers down and Vad's Ricochet and Vad's HLDM are two of them... Run on over to GRITS'Ricochet or pr0 Ricochet server or it may be a good time to give the new pr0 Vampire Slayer a try
Keep checking back it should be up soon.

Servers Up and Running
GRITS | Thursday, 03-Apr-03 18:00:25

Ok I hate to state the obvious but felt like I should just in case people thought I didn't notice. NO explanation from Holdouts but he got them back up and that is the important thing.

PLAYERS :thumb:
GRITS | Thursday, 03-Apr-03 18:16:17

I would like to start working on the PLAYERS section of the website. If you would like to be a part of it send me a synopsis (100 words or so) of what you want people to know about you. If I edit it I promise not to change context. i.e. I wont give my opinion. Please include any or all of the following: your game name, avatar, spray/tag and picture. I am learning so please be patient. : vadavaka@hotmail.com

GRITS | Wednesday, 09-Apr-03 18:46:09

pr0clan Ricochet server is back up. Like GRITS server it is a multi-map server with access to vote on any map....say for example rc_arena.
On the GRITS server you can 'vote extend' map 5 times. Thats a total of 3 hours on one map....say for example rc_arena.
I like being able to play the swarm maps and I love the custom ones Pique made...so I will always have a server with those available...but rc_arena is my favorite so I like having a 24x7 arena server too. I know it gets crowded..there are two reserve spots on my servers one for me and one for fritoman....all my other admins?? ...well they did just like you to get there... server access is not one of the admin perks...sorry guys.
So here are the IPs you need to put on your 'Favorites' filter
Vad's Ricochet 24x7 rc_arena
GRITS' Ricochet multi-map
pr0clan Linux Ricochet

Yeah I know there are others out there but these are the ones where most of us will be hanging out.

Poll problems in the forums
Gwarsbane | Tuesday, 15-Apr-03 21:22:44
NOH server
GRITS | Saturday, 19-Apr-03 19:24:25

The NOH server has returned
my ping is a little higher than on the Holdout servers or Pix pr0 server...but it is a 24x7 arena so I may not be able to resist :

ADMIN Celebrates Birthday
GRITS | Sunday, 20-Apr-03 18:16:50

18 hmmmm that makes him legal...to vote
btw anyone seen him around lately?

Days of our Half-Lives
GRITS | Monday, 21-Apr-03 18:38:55

Where is our cub reporter?
I haven't seen hide nor hair (not sure if he actually has hair) of Jabba. Has anyone? Last I heard he was cruising the coast of Florida....omg I hope he didn't try to check out the "Girls of Summer" in person and end up going too close to Tampa...I hear that is where evil_admin lives...no telling what he would do to a player like Jabba in real life.

Days of our Half-Lives
GRITS | Monday, 21-Apr-03 18:46:14

Where is our cub reporter?
I haven't seen hide nor hair (not sure if he actually has hair) of Jabba. Has anyone? Last I heard he was cruising the coast of Florida....omg I hope he didn't try to check out the "Girls of Summer" in person and end up going too close to Tampa...I hear that is where evil_admin lives...no telling what he would do to a player like Jabba in real life.

GRITS | Thursday, 24-Apr-03 18:33:33

I know we have been having some major lag spikes that are actually bumping people on all our servers. I spoke with support at Holdouts and they have contacted their provider and will update me as soon as they find out what is wrong. I will keep ya'll informed as I get the information

Happy Arbor Day
GRITS | Friday, 25-Apr-03 00:03:41

Ok this is a little known holiday and one I am sure is only 'celebrated' at the state level in Nebraska...home of Arbor Day. http://www.arborday.org/arborday/index.html
I was wondering why so many people took today as a holiday....We all get together and plant trees...I think I will go home early and decap some players to celebrate

THANK YOU PuNkGirL and CloudFuel
GRITS | Friday, 25-Apr-03 18:17:08

I know we are all a little disappointed that we don’t have a definitive 'winner' in the PuNkGirL tournament.
PG gave it her best and I even tried to set a fire under the remaining players to no avail (asbestos backsides I guess)
I think the time has come to admit that the first Ricochet Tournament is over. We need to make room for the DEATHMATCH TOURNAMENT.
I will put a link on the forums to PIX pr0clan server so the rules are readily accessible and of course make GRITS server available for matches. A lot of groundwork was laid out by CloudFuel and PuNkGirL…email addresses, rules etc. and I think they deserve our gratitude for making the effort.

GRITS | Saturday, 26-Apr-03 17:59:06

:bp: The protical son has returned.....don't let on that he was missed..it will just go to his head. Get in a few quick kills before he has a chance to warm up...and make sure you fill him in on all the gossip
WELCOME BACK Jabbahunt :

Make Your Own Custom Spray
desNotes | Sunday, 27-Apr-03 00:04:16

Check out these links to make your own custom spray. The only things I would add to the tutorial is that you cannot use MS Paint to make your .bmp file but you can use Paint Shop Pro.

Tutorial link:


March 2003


GRITS | Sunday, 09-Mar-03 02:23:07

Ok last one got me in trouble...but I still want to Wish JabbaHunt a Happy Birthday...Wonder how he celebrated??

GRITS | Sunday, 09-Mar-03 18:43:12

Thought it would help to make this available on the Ricochet Home page so everyone can go over and register.http://www.ugleague.net/?sid=news&div=rico Thanks to all you guys that are working hard to keep this mod active

GRITS | Monday, 10-Mar-03 18:28:44

HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes go out to Running With Scissors aka RWS no longer a teenager...I wonder if that is a good thing or a bad thing these days :urock:

February 2003

Forums are now up and running
Gwarsbane | Saturday, 01-Feb-03 10:20:52

The forums are now up and running. To be able to post you will need to register which is very simple and easy to do.

The forums will be an easy way to talk to people that you meet playing Half-Life. Be nice to people in the forums and keep the swearing down. There are admins in these forums just like there are on the game servers and we enforce the rules.

XXX Does Work
GRITS | Sunday, 16-Feb-03 22:25:18

What a Crew we have on the servers. Thanks to your guys we can get rid of the trash. I banned 10 wonids from my rico servers this morning. Not only did one person come in impersonating me, I tracked his wonid through the logs and he was a major jerk every time he came on. He will not get a second chance. I also banned 3 players that chat spam. This is the third time for two of them and the fourth time for the third. They were given more than enough chances and it is very disrupting in the game. Two more of the wonids that I banned made pedophile comments. It is not something you tease about and it will not be tolerated. The other 4 were habitual language filter abusers..again not the first complaints about these individuals. Thanks again for your help in maintaining the servers sans.

GRITS | Monday, 17-Feb-03 19:27:24

er ist keiner "english server" nur

Ok my deutsch isn't so good but the point is. We have many different nationalities on the server and english is not everyone's first language. So long as the verbiage remains civil there is no reason to "force" people to speak a language they are not as comfortable with as their native one. Think of it as an opportunity to diversify and grow culturally. Trust me they are probably NOT talking about you, just because you don’t understand what they are saying. Try being as affable as you can when you play with people that probably have a difficult time understanding what you are saying too.

GRITS | Tuesday, 18-Feb-03 21:25:54

punkGirl has announced the startup of a tournament for any Ricochet players that want to be a part of it with a maximum of 64 “contestants”. I told her that I will lock GRITS’ multimap server for the matches. She has started her list, please email her if you are interested and see her post in the Ricochet forums. punkgirl1117@hotmail.com thumbs_up.gif

GRITS | Thursday, 20-Feb-03 22:40:58

Around 8:00PM last night the server just died.
It looks like the motherboard went bad and HOLDOUTS is working on rebuilding it now. It will be back up as soon as possible. If someone is jonesing for a multimap we can always play one at Vad's

GRITS | Friday, 21-Feb-03 04:33:59

Great service by HOLDOUTS the server is up and running again...

Spammers and idiots not welcomed
Gwarsbane | Friday, 21-Feb-03 20:15:26

As some of you might have seen we has a little idiot problem in our forums. Consider that problem solved for now.

The idiot went by the names andrinor and GRlTS. Notice that in GRlTS that its a small L and not an I. So no need to worry about about security.

All of this idiots posts have been deleted.

GRITS | Sunday, 23-Feb-03 09:05:06

Oh yeah guys and gals....Pique has done it again... a lot of us got the opportunity to test out the new "ricochet ala HLDM" map Sunday night. We couldn't use the elevators because we played it on Vad's but I have also downloaded it to GRITS server so have fun...I mean even more fun than we did this evening...ask around a lot of the regulars were there tonight and everyone seem to have a good time. download time was short for all. If you get the chance thank Pique for adding a little more variety to our lives.

Some sad news :(
Gwarsbane | Wednesday, 26-Feb-03 19:28:31

Mr. Fred Rogers from Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood passed away last night.

I grew up with Mr. Rogers and can still see him talking to the trolly and all the puppets. He was a very good influence on peoples lives, he will be missed.

For more information on Mr. Rogers check out www.fci.org

Must Be a Valve/Won Problem
GRITS | Thursday, 27-Feb-03 05:43:56

People are having trouble accessing our servers actually ANY server no matter what game they want to play. Have faith they will be up again....just letting all of you know...IT'S NOT JUST YOU

GRITS | Thursday, 27-Feb-03 08:07:53

Well people are getting on the servers ok now and things seem to be going smoothly. Of course it is past my bedtime so I will just have to get off work early to make-up for the missed game time.

GRITS | Thursday, 27-Feb-03 20:42:55

In the states we spank people one smack for each year they have celebrated a birthday and we usually take them out for cake and drinks.
I had friends from the UK that would grab your feet and arms, cradle you above the floor and bump your bum on the ground for each year. And the birthday boy/girl is responsible for supplying the cake and drinks.
In some Asian countries they count the day of their birth as 1st year
Well enough birthday trivia...Best wishes to our forum first birthday PuNkGirL

GRITS | Friday, 28-Feb-03 22:30:12

Today is the day PuNkGirL has promised to set up the postings for the tournament. Keep checking back on the website especially if you don't recieve an email.

January 2003

Late Breaking News
desNotes | Wednesday, 29-Jan-03 04:19:36

This just in...desNotes was able to login on the first try to the web site.

Players reaction: At least whjile he is on the website he's not being evil to the players.

Servers page updated
Gwarsbane | Wednesday, 29-Jan-03 06:11:16

The servers page has now been updated to show both of the Vadavaka Ricochet servers. It shows who is playing on them at that time.

The forums are in the works right now and should be fully up and runnning by the end of the weekend (maybe sooner)

In the future we plan on having a nice stats page so that you can keep track of how you are doing on the Vadavaka Ricochet servers.