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Ahhh yes, chapter 2... this after a long week of work, play, and listening to all of you banter about clan business. I chose to chat with an opposing clansman this week, a good friend from way back. Our friendship superceeds all of the clan rhetoric, and will do so until long after it ends; or at least until ricochet does.
I also chose to challenge this player this week, to my first official clan challenge. We will play this weekend sometime, I suppose many of you know this. :ph34r:

JabbaHunt arrived in a cab. He waved and tipped the driver, who quickly lifted Ben's bag-o-clubs from the trunk. Ben introduced himself with a big smile and shook my hand. I showed him to his room as he told me stories of running promotions for a national retail management group. He also told of plans in July to run his own furniture store. A young 40, Jabba was rimming with youth and energy. Ben, from Tennesee is a very positive guy! B)

In preperation for the arrival of my good friend, I had attained a healthy stack of singles. As many of you gentlemen know, a pilgrimage to Vegas is never complete without a night at the strip clubs! However I was shocked when JabbaHunt declined. His admirable love and completion for his wife left him entirely uninterested in the fabulous topless nightlife that I will instead soon share with Acid Head. (few weeks!)

We suited up and hit the greens.

Beastie: Jabba, we are pretty good friends, at least as far as Ricochet can go. Do you think you'd still be playing this mediocre half-life mod if it weren't for our tight community?
Jabba: From the beginning I have loved this game. The basics of the game appeal to me, similar to a chess game, or checkers. But, I am drawn to the antics of the game. So in truth, the community keeps me here day in and day out. Otherwise I would come and go as others do that have not allowed themselves the opportunity to get to know so many good people.

Beastie: We have been playing for just about the same amount of time. I broke it out 3 days after the patch release. Is ricochet here to stay? Do we have enough players to support another release?
Jabba: If there is another patch, I believe there would be more players. I started with hl, then fell in love with FireArms, and with patch started ricochet as a lark to see what it was. I've always loved multiplayer because bots are boring. This has always been a multiplayer game, It will stand for that alone.

I think there was some other game that came out of Halflife; something to think about. JabbaHunt was up after 3 holes. I think it was by 9 strokes, but who is counting? With all of my interview material, I had opted to bring only my putter. My drives were less than spectacular.

Beastie: Let's say for some odd reason the pool of regulars jumps to 500 players.Good for the game? Good for our community?
Jabba: Great for game; a little revolution never hurts.

Beastie: Let's talk about uT. Have you enjoyed your time there? Has being in a clan enhanced your Ricochet experience?
Jabba: When I first started, I didn't want to be in a clan. Jeez i'm 40, was 38. Never liked fraternities in school and was available in every click thru my life, not belonging to any. There were two friends that I enjoyed playing with, Fritoman and Shakira, they are the reason for joining uT and I believed it would help ricochet keep going. And I'm really glad I did because I would not have gotten to know the best people in ricochet otherwise.

Beastie: It seems many of the top players join clans and disappear. Why is this? Do they get bored?
Jabba: A lot of the top players are bored when they join the clans to start with. Hoping to spice things up, or the clan will offer something they are not gettting, (i.e. beastie joining rip) you can only make of it what you want out of it. again (i.e. sinbon, gemakk, knightmare) these guys were the best of the best. they left when they felt they had done all they could do or rico could offer, now they are avg. to good players and are back for the challenge. It takes a little more to keep them interested. I've always believed, some are great salespeople, some are great managers, great salespeople don't always make great managers, and visa versa.

Jabba had par'd each and every hole. I was still waiting to break the double-bogey mark. As a gentleman, JabbaHunt had offered me his driver two holes previous. It worked pretty well on the first few shots, but I had trouble putting with it. (I had thrown my putter into the drink.) <_<

Beastie: We will be battling it out this weekend in epic fashion. When can we expect to see more clan challenges?
Jabba: I believe that as people are more comfortable with asking grits or admin to lock server it will happen more often. I for one will accept any challenge from reputable and deserving opponents.

Beastie: uT vs RiP in a midget tossing contest... who wins?
Jabba: ut, with the exception of cloud, we outbench all of rip.

Beastie: Aside from the pre-patch players (KIA) who do you feel are players who have spent time as the game's best. Meaning who have had peaks that surpassed all others at the time?
Jabba: The problem is most of the oldies still can do it, they just lack enthusiasm.
I would have to actually sit and do a month count of who kicks my ass and not. This game is so stylistic of dominance than any other i've played.
ex: Acid says I give him so much trouble, (he owns me)
rws is owner of all and not me?
You and I always have great matches, even up. I used to get the better.
Punkgirl: 2 months ago, i owned, now she makes me weep like a little boy.
did I get lazy or she now knows me?(seriously, I thought she was gonna make me impotent.)
Shakira: she owned in beginning and evened to end.
gwars: he has gotten so much better since he got interested.
morning star: you have to play him in the morning and he will make you cry. otherwise forget about it.
Linus/Killing Spree, let's just say he's better than me, but I can kill him in a crunch.
cloud for some reason either I don't try or he does kicks my butt.,
Fritoman is my jumping and fallng buddy, he used to own me until I just waited until he fell.
Me, Frito, and terrorizor, aka, lil face are fairly even and haven't improved over the field like we should have.
There is really to many to mention, omg, phyxious, zombie lord(he rocked)
sri lanka, whole fkn show,jaelum, flaw, pix(omg, how do I forget Pix), rulepool, pique, (cake)rush.
For this reason alone, anyone of these guys have beat me and I have beat them, more they beat me, but that's what makes this game so great. This is why Arena. 1vs1 is the only type of map for me. There are no real excuses.But always the possibility.

After that long, diplomatic fit we were standing at the 16th tee. As I pondered whether Jabba had answered my question, he knocked a beauty 324 yards straight down the fairway. I dug deep down, and managed to place mine perfectly in line with his; a couple hundred yards short, yet still my first to land ON the fairway its self! A step in te right direction indeed! :D

Beastie: Are there any rookies that have really impressed you recently?
Jabba: Concita Banana was on the other day, I liked her curves.

I bet. With that he scooped an incredible iron shot. The ball went onto the green and into the cup. I, on the otherhand took a big rip and missed the ball completely. A slight pull to my groin landed me on the ground. I got up, ran over to Jabba's bag and emptied it onto the green. I may have gone too far when I broke two or three clubs over my knee. The rage I feel at times is immeasurable! :angry:

Beastie: Do you ever feel like life is tossing triples at you while your stupid freeze disc is off doing who-knows-what?
Jabba: I think you ran out of questions. of course the irs might beg to differ.... ummm, times up, nice talking with you, gotta run, bye now. :huh:

While I haven't seen JabbaHunt since, I know we are still great friends. We will engage in vicous warfare this weekend to decide who gets the first lead in the battle of the clans. Watch for a posting in the forums, I am sure many will be overly eager to find out what happens.

Next week I have somone you are ALL waiting for!! I can not wait to learn of his/her feelings on the game and how it has developed. Who is this soul? Wait and see.
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