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My baby boy - =Scope= - 05-21-2011

Born 5/11/11 1:06 Pm Eastern Time 19 in half inches 6.2 ounces

[Image: 225509_225402434137259_100000025128329_1...3902_n.jpg]

[Image: 223332_1897642079429_1192933424_32027451_7584150_n.jpg]

[Image: 225515_1897521196407_1192933424_32027447_3765171_n.jpg]

My baby boy - 8-up - 05-23-2011

Congrats, Scope. That's something to be proud of.:)

My baby boy - fritoman - 05-24-2011

what a cutie, congrats man :D

My baby boy - GRITS - 06-26-2011

wow, what a beautiful baby

congratulations, you look very happy too

I think I met you when you were about his age:D

long thin baby with those stats

time to update the pictures now dad

My baby boy - =Scope= - 06-27-2011

i will i gotta get to my dads house to upload new pics . I dont have internet anymore

My baby boy - Wanksta - 07-05-2011


My baby boy - Ichigo - 07-09-2011

Grats Jay:)

My baby boy - =Scope= - 07-13-2011

Thx guys i found out my dads printer dont take the memory chip i have. i gotta go to walmart or something

My baby boy - =Scope= - 07-15-2011

[Image: hunter2.jpg]

[Image: Hunter1.jpg]

[Image: 283154_244302015597519_100000531673204_9...4555_n.jpg]

[Image: 6.jpg]

[Image: 5.jpg]

[Image: 4.jpg]

My baby boy - GRITS - 08-31-2011

nice pictures, beautiful baby

My baby boy - CloudFuel - 10-17-2011

Is this your first, Scope? Great pics! Definitely something about becoming a Dad that changes a man...:)

My baby boy - CowEater - 10-19-2011

Is that a shotgun in the corner?