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Bueller? - Miagi - 02-21-2013

Anyone out there?

Bueller? - fritoman - 02-24-2013

just nod if you can hear me

RE: Bueller? - Gragoon - 11-14-2021

Is there anyone home?

RE: Bueller? - 8-up - 11-19-2021

Come on now

RE: Bueller? - Shalk - 01-21-2022

34 years old but yeah... i miss this game.

RE: Bueller? - Miagi - 01-23-2022

Lol, I was wondering how many people would retry the vadavaka forums after the domain was let go, obtained by porn spam, and finally let go again when I was able to snag it. 

Unlike Rose on the door holding onto Jack, I won't let the domain go Tongue

Feel free to join my discord server:

RE: Bueller? - GoD-Tony - 04-15-2022

Thanks for keeping it running Miagi! LiTHiuM called me back here. Good times.

RE: Bueller? - Scrye - 06-18-2022

Wow... All this time and I still remember my login... Lol
What is everyone doing now that 10+ years have gone? Still gaming? I can't say that 3 kids allow me to these days...

RE: Bueller? - RushJet1 - 03-13-2023