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Setting up Mirc
For those who dont know, its basically a group chat program, if you download this, and install and follow my steps, you should be able to talk with us in a faster pace then the forums ^_^ should take about 10 minutes if my instructions are ok.

1. here is the link to download the program, from a bunch of diff places
there is also an FAQ and versions for windows 3.1 believe it or not.

2. install it, you have to fill out a name, and a real email adress, but dont worry, they dont spam you or anything. the name it asks can be a bogus name. Also include your nick name, prefferably your rico screen name so we know you.

3. There are many diffrent servers that have IRC running on it. You have to select the one we are on, to talk to us. To do this, you should be in your options screen right now, if not look for an icon at the top with a folder and a hammer on it, this is your options. There are is a column on the left of your options, there are many options on the side, you should be in the connect now. If not select connect, and then click on the plus to bring the drop down menu, select "servers" from the drop down menu. Look to the right and you will see another menu tittled "irc network" bring this menu down, and scroll through the list untill you come across one called "gamesurge" and select it. If you don't have "gamesurge" see Wha?'s post below. Then continue these steps...

There is another menu below it, which is called "IRC server" select the one which is closer to you geographically, it doesnt matter much though, just for speed. Look down on the same window, and you will see a button called "connect to server" click it.

4. Now it should ask you for a channel to join. A channel is where the group of people are located and communicate with each other. A window with a list of channels should come up now. If not, look to the rows of icons at the top, to the right of your options button on the left is an icon called "favorites." It looks like a folder with a very small #+ symbols on the folder. Click this icon and on the right where there are buttons, look for the one that says "add" and click it" Anohter window will appear and on the top right where it says channel, type in #vadavaka (you have to include the # not sure why though). To the right of that, there is an area called options, i suggest selecting "join channel on connect" That way you can avoid step four every time.

There are other rico related channels like #m1nt (this is pretty much our un offical cake channel)

There is #VVV.rico which is the VVV clan channel as well.

Just repeat step four to get into these channels.

If you have any other questions/comments post em :thumb:

*Changed gamesnet to gamesurge*
-Global- ------------- MESSAGE(S) OF THE DAY --------------
-Global- [users] Notice from Cradly, posted 11:01 AM, 02/04/2004:
-Global- Remember to change your IRC server information to stay connected to the GameSurge IRC network:,,,,
-Global- ---------- END OF MESSAGE(S) OF THE DAY ----------

<span style="color:red">If you don't have gamesurge.</span>

This is the easy way to add gamesurge to the networks you can connect to.

Browse to your Mirc directory.

Add a line to the very end of servers.ini like so:
n354=GameSurge: Random
Where 354 is the next number (ie. the one before in this case is 353).

Then you can set it to automatically connect to gamesurge instead of gamesnet in Options&gt;Connect&gt;Servers.

Others are (I guessed at what the abbrieviations meant):
n355=GameSurge: Random US
n356=GameSurge: Random European
n357=GameSurge: Random Canadian
I don't know what &quot;au&quot; is, probably Australian, but the pattern is clear now, so I'll leave it at that.

If you made your authentication gamesnet specific, you now have to go back into perform (for mIRC version 6.x: Options&gt;Connect&gt;Options then push Perform...), copy your old one, add a new specific perform for gamesurge, paste it, and change to

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Because of popular demand, here is The Quick Guide to Finding Perform for mIRC 6.x:

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<span style="color:red">How to Auth</span>

Some of you may have noticed that when some users join the chanserv will set that person +v or +O. This is thanks to those people having an authserv account. I strongly reccomend it to any admin, and recommend it to anyone. Its not that difficult or time consuming. Here is the link where I am getting all the commands I use incase you need further clarification.

1. The First step is to register an account. I recommend using your ricochet name so we know who is on the users list. If the name is taken, try putting in some numbers to make it unique.

*You may use this webpage to register an account and skip step 2 entirely.

2. The command is /AuthServ REGISTER account password [email protected] you just type that into the chat or status window (include the / that tells it that its a command). The email has to be real because you will get one email with instructions in it a bit later. If you have registered it properly you should get this in your status window (the window where it says ping? pong! and its to the left of where you see #vadavaka).
Quote:-AuthServ- Account has been registered.
-AuthServ- To activate your account, you must check your email for the &quot;cookie&quot; that has been mailed to it. When you have it, use the cookie command to complete registration.
The email that it sends has the instructions for the next step, and is pretty simple.

3. Now that you have registered the account, you will need to log into it everytime you connect to gamesurge. Put this command in your perform(Tools-&gt;Options-&gt;Connect-&gt;Options then push Perform): /AuthServ AUTH account password

Once you create an Auth account, you can ask an admin on vadavaka channel to add you to the userlist.

The blue circle is what you click to get into your options, the red is what you have to click to get into the peroform and make sure you have the perform on connect opion selected.

I believe thats everything, if you have any problems post away :thumb:

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Figured this could be useful. Found it in the Archives, I just edited it so it connects to gamesurge.
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