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  • 5's BattleField Stunt Video
I'm lazy, so I'm just going to copy the post i did on ICL

"After years of production, the ICL BattleField Stunt Video is finally here!

Well, I wouldn't say "years" as much as I'd say, well, year. Dopefish and I started recording some stuff last year, and we got about 50 videos. Then, about 10 months later, I finally decided to get to the editing! After about 3 hours of work I realized that I had run out of clips, so Dope and I had to record even more. In the final tally I think I sampled about 90 of the 120 some clips that we recorded.

Of course, what took the longest time was trying to get it hosted. We couldn't host it here because, after about 10 downloads, malathion would soon be recieving a large bill for us exceeding our bandwidth limit. FilePlanet sucks and never even responded to me, but luckily some friends at, a local Ricochet/CounterStrike Community, were gracious enough to do some hosting.

I realize that some of these are not the most extreme stunts, but a few things need to be taken into consideration. First off, all of these stunts are done by Dope and Me alone on a LAN. We decided to do low grav for lots of the launching stuff because one player's worth of dynamite really can't do squat. Also, we were aiming more for humor than for awe, and I think we hit our mark.

It's a 30 meg zip, and you're going to need Divx or some equivalent codec to watch it. Enjoy!"

Shout out to Vad and Gwars for hosting the file. I think I speak for the entire ICL community when i say that you guys rock!
what prog did you use to record that? ...wish i was there cause that looks fun.
We used FRAPS to record it (mainly because were too cheap to buy a card to record it with, which wouldve been easier / better quality) and i used Vegas video to edit it.
dude...if you are gonna make another bf1942 demo..tell me cause i wanna be there..i can do lots of tricks with the jeep:D
sorry ya'll I realized you couldn't get to it in our general forums without registering as members so I moved it here.
Still can't reply without being members but you can d/l and give your kudos to sage_4 and Dopefish in ICL....or register as members here :D
Its deffinatley pretty funny.
Im a nut with the plane.... like the close dodging and crap... flippping randomly. If you want me to help... I'll be able to help out alot of times... dont have vietnam yet... hope you won't need that... I also have a couple ideas.... line up 15 people and run threw them with a jeap.... that could be fun.
were all the stunts done by you? I noticed a lot of "sage_4 is no more"
and what was up with that guy in the end. it's unnatural to bend your back like that, and hold it. oww
Relinquish,May 26 2004, 03:11 PM Wrote:line up 15 people and run threw them with a jeap.... that could be fun.
ive actually done that, but not on purpose. i was crowned king of the world that day....

i dont know if we're going to do another one, but who knows! It was just me and Dopefish doing the stunts, and he did most of the recording. btw, i dont know what was up with that guy, that was an awesome glitch that we took advantage of. we did it on a lan, which made it easy, i dont know if we'd be able to make a server on our lowly connections.
*stares at grits*
Hmm i can't watch it.... What you need to play the vid?
i played it in winamp. i'm sure most any media player should work.
I went and played that game with soul yesterday at the lan place here in town, was fun and made me appreciate your video much more.:thumb:
we played battlefield was alot of fun...and frito got a should see how sexy he is now :lol:
I bet he looks so sexy that his wife made pancakes for him! and bacon and eggs.
she did and I am a sexy mo fo :P
cartman,May 28 2004, 11:06 PM Wrote:Hmm i can't watch it.... What you need to play the vid?
go get divx.
whee guest forum
How bout waffles?
wanksta has mad dead post reviving skillz yo! he's a playa.
You think thats dead post revival skillz!!!

*me resurrects the post*


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