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Michael Moore Movies
Dr. Phill!! Dr. Phill!!

That way when he says we're going to war we'd hear really messed up anoligies.... like

"does a crow attack a crow over the hen who done do that one?"

"does a bull charge when bein enraged by the flag bearin mexican in the curly fluffy things with the red sheet?"

I don't know.... most of the time, he pieces true facts together with his ideas...
I haven't really read any of this, so I'm going based on the topic.

I dislike Michael Moore and his shit with a passion. Has very little to do with my political standing, although I can say I am not a fan of the extreme left. My reasoning for dislike of him is a philosophical thing for me:

He is a big proponent of blaming America for every problem. Why is it that we have to blame someone else for shit that people do? So the shooters at Columbine are just a creation of society? I've never had a desire to shoot up a high school, nor has anyone I've known, and it didn't happen at my school. Can we please, please just acknowledge that these kids were messed up in the head, and it was THEM who did it? They do have brains. If you want to go beyond blaming them, maybe the parenting, but no further. And 9/11... can we please just admit that these were extremist zealots that murdered thousands? No one forced them to do what they did, and saying that it was allowed to happen is idiotic. Why must America and Bush be blamed? The terrorists, Osama, why are they not blamed the most? Oh, that's right, America created the problem in the first place. Sure. Whether Michael Moore ever speaks the truth or finds some evidences or not, he is still an idiot for placing so much blame on the United States. Humans have their own minds, and as succeptible to influence as they are, society is not the only reason there are problems, individuals and groups do things on their own. It's not always parents, it's not always the government, it's not always discrimination.

Ok, I'm done. Enjoy.
The extreme left is socialism.

Political spectrum:
Yes, I took high school government. I meant extreme left more as in how relentless and idiotic he is, not so much how far on the political spectrum.
Wha?,Jul 30 2004, 06:42 PM Wrote:Political spectrum:
you got that a little backwards? cause to me you have the right as... well you know what I mean :/

cause if the extreme left is socialism.... umm.... yeah..... wow.
Yeah, I was thinking it's left for some reason.. strange..

I'll fix that.

Would extreme leftist work?
I'm reading a good book right now. MICHAEL MOORE IS A BIG FAT STUPID WHITE MAN.
SNOWDAWG,Sep 22 2004, 02:57 PM Wrote:I'm reading a good book right now.  MICHAEL MOORE IS A BIG FAT STUPID WHITE MAN.
LMAO I feel the same way.

Micheal Moore is a piece of shit that needs to be exported out of this country. He hates our country. Drop him in the middle of Iraq and see how long him lives.
Here is a hilarious video about Moore.
WARNING LANGUAGE AND EXPLICIT MATERIAL. Do not click if you don't want to hear it.
The things said in the flash ARE what michael moore has said. they arent made up.

Also in other news "michael moore hates america" has been completed

watch the trailers here

Moore has made some friends....

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Apparently freedom of speech is reserved only for those with guns!
That is badass pic quick.:lol:
Military men hate Michael Moore?? I NEVER thought I'd see the day. You can bad mouth him all you want but the fact remains that he does and will continue to speak out against. It's good to have a voice loud enough that everyone can hear, even if some of what he says is just a tad ludicrous:P
I really don't see what's the problem about someone not liking its government. It's not cause a president say something that everybody has to agree with him. So... if (IQ_Monkey/2 > IQ_President) then AgreeWith(President) is your formula? :huh:
I don't see anything wrong with Michael Moore. He is just expressing his opinions in the issues of society and if you don't like it then you don't have to watch his movies. It's not like he is putting a gun to anyone's head or anything. America's political system is not perfect, nor are the people who run the country. Their mistakes shouldn't be sweeped under the carpet. I'll try not to get into too much detail, it wouldn't sound very good as I'm from Canada.
a lot of people hate moore cause he has such a big impact on other countries...mainly in Europe. FAH9/11 was a huge movie here in Spain and europeans believe a lot of what moore implies in his movies instead of reading between the lines.
i actually think that the fact that Moore got so popular in europe was destructive; F-9/11 won best picture at the Cannes film festival, and since most die-hard american patriots hate france, it kind of damned the movie's release in the U.S.

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