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Chaos Ut2004 2
This mod is great
The anims make it look like crap
But with good music playing its a awesome game
Swords, an daggers
Headshots too ^_^
[Image: screeniess9to.jpg]
[Image: fnsbanner.jpg]
[Image: despys0rf.jpg]
Can you give more detail. Impressions on gameplay. What kind of mod is it?.
[Image: b_560x95.png]
I played Chaos UT for UT1 and UT2003.. It's a really really great mod with crazy new weapons and a (was new in 2003 version) Duel mode where you fight with melee weapons.
Yeah, what he said.^_^
[Image: fnsbanner.jpg]
[Image: despys0rf.jpg]

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