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My open topic Paper!!!
Dont worry about the appendix stuff, it's on the origonal paper.

Bill Goldberg

William Scott Goldberg was born December 27, 1966 in Tulsa Oklahoma. His career stats are height 6’4 and weight 285 pounds. Bill Goldberg followed the path of many athletic wrestlers who made the transfer from the football field to the squared circle. He went on to become the greatest wrester ever, and to a great magnitude, better than any other wrestler. In his second year in the business, Goldberg had already become one of the biggest names in wrestling.
Even though he was not a typical wrestling fan growing up but instead focused upon football. An amazing player in high school, Goldberg starred as an All-SEC and All-American Nose Guard at the University of Georgia. When his career as a Bulldog was over, he eyed stardom in the National Football League. After spending time with the Los Angeles Rams and then winning the World Bowl with the Sacramento Surge of the World League of American Football, Goldberg signed on with the Atlanta Falcons in 1991. After three years with the team he suffered a torn abdominal muscle which put him out for the 1994 season. Goldberg was signed by the Carolina Panthers in 1995, but could not rebound from the injury sufficiently enough to play. He was thus forced to retire from football.
“Goldberg never planned on becoming a professional wrestler. He crossed paths with many World Championship Wrestling stars while living in Atlanta. Though the world of wrestling was intriguing to him, joining the ranks of professional wrestlers was not an option that Goldberg seriously considered at the time. Later, Goldberg was working out in a gym owned by Lex Luger and Sting and was convinced by Sting to take a chance in the squared circle. After months of training in the WCW Power Plant, Goldberg made his official professional debut in WCW against Hugh Morrus, pinning the 300 pound wrestler. The next year and a half would be among the most remarkable periods in professional wrestling history.” (
In this very first match against Hugh Morrus was an incredible achievement for Goldberg, leaving a message to the rest of the wrestlers. This set off the longest and greatest wrestling winning streak that still stands today. 173 wins, no wrestler has ever come close to comparing to this feat.
The most memorable one from the streak was Goldberg vs. The Giant. The Giant was literally a giant. 7’0 500 pounds of this beast was a dominant force in the WCW at the time. The night that glory was made, was one to be memorable. Everyone in the stands and at home expected The Giant to do what he did best, tear through his opponent, choke-slam, and finish with a pin. Nobody expected what happened, the match started off with Goldberg over powering the 500 pound beast. After a few sensational moves, Goldberg military pressed the 500 pound man over his head, after about fifteen seconds of holding this gigantic man over his head he dropped him face first upon the mat. After scraping The Giant back up off the matt, he set him up in the Jackhammer slam, and proceeded to get the 1-2-3.
The Jackhammer slam was one of Goldberg’s finishing moves. This move consisted of picking up the opponent under your shoulder and lifting him up into a vertical position, and slamming him down on the mat into a pinning position. (See figure 1.)
The spear was the other move of Goldberg’s. The very definition of spear sounds vicious. Spear, N, A violent tackle using your head as a weapon. This move is outlawed in most sports, if done properly; your opponent should have the wind knocked out of him, and have trouble getting up. (See figure 2.)
After beating The Giant constantly, they put Goldberg up against someone who was un-defeated at the time as well, Psycho Sid Vicious. Sid was 6’9 310, going up against Goldberg for a title. This match was one sided all the way from the very beginning, Goldberg consistently beat the living daylights out of Sid. The tables turned for a slight moment when Sid had Goldberg in the Camel Clutch (See figure 3.) with Sid on his back, Goldberg stood up. The match had ended horribly, Sid got a tremendous cut on his forehead and the match was called for it.
After WCW was bought out, Goldberg found himself on WWE. His debut match was against, which some still say is the most phenomenal wrester today, the Brahma Bull, the people champ, the great one, named The Rock. As The Rock said, “Goldberg was a big fish in a little pond, but The Rock was a whale in a tear drop.” (The Rock) “After getting a concussion Monday night from five chair shots from The Rock, Goldberg still participated in his match against The Rock.” (Jonathan Coachman)
The match started out with Goldberg overpowering The Rock and tossing him out of the ring, Goldberg proceeded to dominate the entire match; up until one point, where he speared a metal post. This allowed The Rock to take a little bit of the match. With Goldberg seeming to have damaged his right shoulder badly, he still competed. After taking the rock bottom twice and the peoples elbow (See figure 4 and 5.) Goldberg got a shoulder up. The match turned tables after a devastating spear from Goldberg, after The Rock laid on the ground for a minute got back up to get yet another spear, after this spear, Goldberg set him up for the Jackhammer slam, ending the match and continuing the legacy of Goldberg.
Goldberg beat many wrestlers down the line and even held the world heavyweight champion ship three times. The line of wrestlers includes many of the greats: Hulk Hogan, Brock Lesnar, The Rock, Triple H, and even one of the best of all time, Bret the Hitman Hart. Goldberg became one the great wrestlers, “he just did so faster and to a greater magnitude than anyone else in history.” (
Like I've told you in PM. Good one-sided paper but i think there was a bigger reason as to why he became such a success. WCW needed a boost and a phenom to compete with the stronger WWF at the time and an undefeated wrestler would give them something to one up WWF. I think he may have the longest streak and defeated some wrestler in a crazy and one-sided way, but there were a lot more wrestlers to give the industry a better name and do more for it than Goldberg. More can be added in PM or later if someone else disagrees.
far away, will our eyes now see the day
for today, the everlasting eternal sun
washed away, the dreams of a brighter day
forever hold the dream inside
the chance to fight another fight
the breaking hearts that stand for all our li-i-ives
live tonight

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