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Some words
Well, it isnt really a poem or anything, just kind of a bunch of words over my whole situatuion and how i feel about it, my first time every really doing something like this, its not done, but i think its kinda coming along

All that we had
Was never so sad
untill you tore me and ignored me,
everthing to distort me

Time passed, while my feelings were still up for chance
I took you back on the high track hoping to get you back
liar, liar, liar
You say you wanted to feel wanted.
I hope your haunted, By 3 weeks with a few messed up drinks
That made you redefine what it ment to give it up
As im shattered by the thought, I'm glad i didn't get caught
because i thought,
after 18 months it would mean something, not a few beer then a bed

Sleepless nights, train wreck sights
but you dont see... me

a year and 6 month, passion and love
I hope its for you, not because its easiest route
One day made you change, 3 made you fade
But did it fade? or were you made,
his ghost surround you and slade

you said you loved me, and made the right choice..
you said you missed kissing me,
But maybe you would rather miss me..

Now i'm stuck dreaming..
waking up crying and screaming
All of it streaming through my mind without meaning
Once they run out, ill shout and run free from your endless greed

The thing ill miss the most are
the early morning bus rides with locked lips
that made the trips seem just like minutes

But ya' know what?
thats ok,
I'm positive your not the only one that can hold me

Your choice was toiled,
so i made it uncoil
your trite antics, need to be unveiled

What have i learned from you?
Sun glasses are for shame not the sun
but if you didnt hide,
would i see what i want
or a stone portrait tearless, careless and not fought

Although i wish you were who you
once were, who you still may be,
the pain along with your claims died long ago

now who will be the ghost?

I hope you sit near a shaded telephone post
and look at the shooting star and remember what
you wished for, because that soul is caliced and
cleaned from your so called blissful heart

What hurts the most is i could pain forever
and you could never bother to care
but im recovering, and
your souless stature won't remain in rapture
and when it falls, who will be there to stand you tall
But because of what i did, i will be too tall to reach,
and maybe then will you realize...

And all these words i write..
I dont think you will even take the time to take a sight..

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