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Josh's tattoo
This is fritokid I started giving tattoos now =] these are some i did
Did you buy a kit or something? Figured you can only get all that equipment if you're licensed. But not bad for just starting off.
<@Miagi> !8 Am I spamming?
<@ChanServ> Miagi: Yes.
<@Miagi> !8 Should I stop?
<@ChanServ> Miagi: Oh, please, PLEASE, make it stop!
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I could get my license easy enough but I figured out that I will not apprentice any one down here because they suck, when ever I enroll in to ATI in st.louis I will apprentice with a friend of mines cusin for free, if I do it down here it will cost 2500$ for bs I already knew.
Oh snap, fritokid is getting tatted up:Dlol they look good
wow I never knew anyone personally that picked tatooing as a career
be safe

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