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Merry Christmas Happy New Year etc
I think about all of you every Christmas. Sort of like sending cards to people you don't talk to all year long.
Can someone put some of the updated pics on here? Grats Josh
Happy holidays to you too GRITS, was just thinking of everyone today, and of running around with some of you in WoW and laughing and killing people.....goodtimes. I play a lot of Knights online and just got MW3 and BF3 for my PC so if anyone plays the PC versions of these games let me know and I will add you to my friends list, I havent really played them online yet because I am still doing the campaigns. I play Knights online on server carnac-west (english speaking server)horde side if anyone is wanting to take that up again, playing a rogue again lvl 61 with reverse shell and reverse shards with all unique jewlery, Ill post some pics sometime.:lol:
Hey GRITS and Frito, hope you had a good time on Christmas!

After having insomnia taking control over my life (depression, anxiety, etc.) I am now somewhat back on track and on my way to finally finish school. I'm not sure yet what to do afterwards but I have some ideas at least.

and here's a picture (about a year old)
BAM! One of the girls in our front office forgot to return the 3d glasses that you get at 3d movies. B)

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