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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are the admins?

  • GRITS, Fritoman, Power & Glory, Gwarsbane, [CAKE]Wha?, [CAKE]anonymity, [DTC]Miagi, Quickening, Reciprocity, [CAKE]rUsh, [DTC]Snowdawg, Rulepool2, Evil_admin, Jabbahunt, and Chentvin are all the Sr Admins. There are many Jr Admins.

  • How do I become an admin?

  • You do not become admin by asking to be one. If an admin sees you helping people learn to play and reporting people who break the rules, your name will be put up for discussion for when more admins are needed.

  • How do I get in contact with an admin?

  • If there is no admin on the game servers, you may contact one through IRC( Click Here ), or through the forums.

  • I got gagged/kicked/banned, who do I talk to?

  • If you believe you were wrongfully gagged/kicked/banned or would like to apologize, visit the forums and post in the banned section or PM one of the senior admins.

  • I saw a person breaking the rules on your server, how do I report them?

  • Get the person's steamid by typing status in console and then type XXX in chat.
    Then report the steamid to an admin in the vadavaka irc channel ( Click Here ), or report it on the forums, or email GRITS at
    If you wish to remain anonymous then either pm a SR admin or email GRITS.
    Make sure it is for the good of the community and not just you trying to get admin.

  • What is ricochet?

  • Ricochet is a Half-life mod where you shoot various types of discs at your opponent(s). Powerups, which give different types of powerful disc arrangements, are available in some of the maps. There are two official game modes, arena and deathmatch. However the VadaVaka community has developed/improved two more game modes, team arena and team deathmatch.

  • Why do I have to wait?

  • You have to wait in queue to play in arena mode because people are matched up with their new opponents after all arena matches are finished. Winners are matched up with other winners, losers are matched up with other losers. The queue is the process which you wait your turn to play only in arena mode.

  • How do I do back flips?

  • Move backwards onto an arrow and you will flip, though you won't see it or notice it.

  • Are there any bots for Ricochet?

  • There are bots for Ricochet located at Bots United. (Click Here)

  • Why don't I have any crosshairs?

  • Sometimes you may not have any crosshairs when you spawn. When you fall/die crosshairs should appear on your next spawn. If not try typing "crosshairs 1" in the console.

  • My sound keeps repeating, how do I stop it?

  • You can stop the sound by typing stopsound in the console. It might be easier to bind it. See FAQ under Game Settings on how to bind.

  • How can I hear myself jump like in 1.5 version of Ricochet?

  • Type "cl_lw 1" in the console and you should hear the jump sound. You may also want to download the VadaVaka client side fix on the forums under Half-life->Ricochet.

  • How do I access the console?

  • You can access the console using the default button which is `. The button to the left of 1.

  • How do I change my name?

  • Type "name Whatevername" in the console. To have spaces, type a % where you want the space. Ex.) name Vad%Rules

  • How do I check/change my mouse sensitivity?

  • Typing sensitivity in console shows your current sensitivity, to change it type sensitivity x . Where x is a number.

  • How do I bind stuff?

  • In the console type bind x y. Where x is a letter or number and y is a command. So when you press the button the command executes.
    Ex.) bind i stopsound

  • How do I turn off Voice in games?

  • In the console type voice_enable 0

  • How do I mute one person?

  • Push tab or whatever button you have binded to showscores and click the players name who you want to mute/ignore chat.