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Changes and fixes
Gameplay Modes

In-game commands

  • Model Switching

  • desnotes(evil_admin) added the ability to switch models in-game with the command model [modelname]. Ex. model female

  • Reconnector

  • .ASM fixed a bug in the arena system where a reconnecting player can jump ahead of the queue and play before already connected players.

  • White disc

  • Miagi fixed a bug in arena where the player is not assigned a team and only has one disc that is white when thrown.
    .ASM initially created a temporary fix.

  • Use key

  • desnotes(evil_admin) and .ASM fixed a bug where pressing a key bound to "+use" enabled a player to not be pushed by a push disc.

  • DM Double Kill

  • .ASM and netniV fixed a bug in deathmatch that stopped a player from getting killed on respawn if someone hit the decap'd body with a push disc.

  • DM Spectate with disc bug and disconnect

  • Miagi fixed a bug in deathmatch that stopped players from exploiting a bug which allowed them to go into spectate with their discs floating around them.
    Also fixed discs getting left behind when a player disconnects

  • Arena Floating

  • Miagi fixed a bug in arena that enabled an opponent to "float" in the match.

  • Arena Spectate

  • Miagi fixed a bug in arena that enabled a spectator to "float" and kill people in other matches.

  • 2v2 White Disc and Scoreboard

  • Miagi allowed/fixed the use of teamplay in arena and fixed the scoreboard to keep teams together.

  • Spawn Protection

  • Wha? added spawn protection to deathmatch so that players can't get killed or kill others for a set period of time after spawning.

  • Lose powerups after death

  • Wha? stopped players from keeping powerups after dying to improve gameplay.

  • Team Deathmatch

  • Miagi and Wha? added a team deathmatch gameplay mode of red vs blue.
    Players can switch teams with the team [red or blue] command.
    Connecting players are assigned the team with the fewest players.

  • Last Man Standing (coming soon)

  • Miagi is working on a gameplay mode similiar to TS The One Mode, but the opposite.
    Concept is a deathmatch style game where the goal is to kill each other until 1 man is left standing.

  • Tournament Mode

  • Miagi and Wha? added a cvar of "mp_tournament" "0 or 1" that lets a server admin disable powerups for all maps.

  • Decap Only Mode

  • Miagi added a cvar of "mp_decaponly" "0 or 1" that lets a server admin disable the use of push discs.

  • Respawning

  • ready - Will enable a player to respawn in deathmatch after going into spectate.

  • Switching Models

  • model [modelname] - Will allow a player to switch models provided that the model name ends with "male".

  • Switching teams

  • team [red or blue] - Will allow a player to switch teams in deathmatch teamplay.