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Ranma 1/2
Ranma 1/2
161 Episodes
12 OAVs
2 Movies
Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Martial Arts, Romance

This is one of the funniest series series I have seen so far. Poor Ranma Saotome seems to get blamed for everything even if he didn't actually do anything. Most of Ranma's problems seem to come from actions that his father, Genma Saotome, did in the past (like telling a few people that his son would marry their daughters once they grown up, most of the time this was just because he was hungry.

Ranma's biggest problem happened one day when he and his father went to do some martial arts training at a hot springs in China. But these were no ordanary hot springs, they were cursed springs!!!

Course Genma and Ranma didn't know they were cursed (even thou the guide there tried to warn them). They didn't know they were cursed springs because neither of the 2 knew any Chinese and the guide wasn't all that quick in telling them that they were cursed before they were up on the polls in the springs and training.

Ranma quickly gets the upper hand and knocks Genma into one of the springs. Seconds later a large panda jumps up out of the spring and lands on the poll across from Ranma. At this point Ranma is pretty freaked out.

The panda gets a shot in and hits Ranma into another spring.

And here is where things get funny... the curse of the springs is this.

If a person falls into one of the springs, they become what ever died last in that spring. The one that Genma fell into was spring of drowned panda. So Genma became a panda.

The one that Ranma fell into was spring of drowned girl. So Ranma became a girl.

They did not permanently change. With a splash of cold water they change into their new forms, the girl and the panda. When splashed with warm water (which usually ends up being steaming hot water from a kettle) they can turn back to being a boy and a man.

Ranma don't like being a girl part of the time, although through out the whole series he uses his female side to his advantage.

To round out everything, he has a whole bunch of people who want to either kill or marry one of the versions of himself (Kuno never seems to get a clue). His first fiancee that we are introduced to, Akane Tendou, is interesting. Shes the one that seems to blame Ranma for stuff that he don't do.

Example, Akane and ranma are just walked along and Shampoo (amazon warrior girl that ranma beat as a female that tracked her down to kill but found out Ranma was actually a guy so now shes trying to marry him) comes along and hugs Ranma really tight. Poor Ranma not wanting anyof this while trying to get out of her Shampoo's embrace, is getting yelled at by Akane for Ranma hugging Shampoo.

Basically Akane is jealous and don't like all these girls trying to marry Ranma.

Anyway its a great series to watch. I've found myself laughing so hard at times that I needed to take my asthma puffer. I'm almost done watching the entire series, I'm upto season 5 episode 7 that I have watched so far and there are a total of 7 seasons.

Here is a picture of Ranma both male and female forms. In the show they never actually meet like this.

[Image: ranma40.jpg]

From left to right this is Moose, Ryoga and Genma. Moose and Ryoga also went to the cursed springs. Moose turns into a duck and Ryoga turns into a little Pig who Akane calls P-Chan and has no idea is Ryoga, But ranma knows. :)

[Image: ranma.stupefacation.jpg]
A friend showed me this show, it's pretty funny. I like how they use the sex/panda change in the episodes, very creative;)
Gwarsbane,Jan 27 2004, 06:30 PM Wrote:Ranma don't like being a girl part of the
Raise your hand if you are currently male and wouldn't mind being female every so often?^_^
Still never got round to watchin ranma, everytime i download an episode i get busy with somethin and forget about it - then format my pc :/
I've got 2 more seasons to watch for ranma, 6 and 7 then I have to watch all 12 oavs. I tried to watch 3 to 4 hours of ranma at a time on the weekends but its hard, so I try for 2 episodes a night now which isn't so bad at 22 minutes each.

Being able to turn into a girl like ranma can could have its benifits, like the fact that maybe with a female side guys could actually figure out women... na that will never happen, women are just too complex :)
you'd just confuse yourself. lol
*raises hand* What? Don't give me that look, you'd do it too.:P

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