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Cowboy Bebop
This is one of the best anime shows I've seen. If you haven't seen it, go see it somewhere, whether it's on TV or DVD.

It comes on Cartoon Network Monday-Thurs. at 1:00AM.
Wha and I watched the dubbed movie at my place at like 3 in the morning. It was pretty good.
Have the whole serious on tape and the movie God its great series. I really like how they have them killing people and then spike is always so careless it seams then comes around serious. Fay Is just Fay can explain her. Jet is like the old dude who tries to run everything but never works. Ed is that wierd little hacker but fun filled funny to watch. Ein Is a dog yeah
I love the Cowboy bebop movie, when my g/f got me that for Christmas i watched it for like 5 days in a row.^_^ One of my favorite episodes is the one where spike faces off with this Crazy fat assassin, god I love the cinematography in the opening where the assassin f***s up everyone including spike.:ph34r:
I like that one but i love when spike has to fist fight when he fist fights vincent in the movie GOD THAT WOOPED SOME ASS ACTION

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