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Mirc talk
ok not sure how I missed this but I am going to pin it for everyone who wants to visit with us on irc
the gamesnet has now changed to gamesurge so any place you see that replace it in the instructions

Gamesnet is in some legal mess so its mergeing with someone to create gamesurge. On my mIRC it hasnt changed and i still have to select gamesnet. So for the end half of step 3 select either gamesnet, or gamesurge if you can see it. Once gamesurge gets their website fully working, i will put up instructions for creating an authserv account. Which is reccomended for any regular user or admin on #vadavaka.
<note to self>

make sure I make an page for these instructions

</note to self>

ive said it before, and I'll say it again:

Just use Trillian. I know some people have problems with it, but in the end it is easier than having 5 different messaging programs.
I use trillian, but I don't like it for IRC. I have a different mIRC for each IRC server I goto, which is only 2 or 3 I think :)
You should be able to connect to multiple servers with one client.
I can but I don't like doing that.... give me a break I'm an oddball ok :P:)
Yeah, in mIRC 5.x and above at least you can do a second status window and connect to a different network with it. For all those who perform auto-connects, please make sure you use [email protected] now instead of [email protected].
Your screen shots looked strange to me, and then I realised that I've become used to Windows XP styles.:) Rounded edges, etc. Tip for those that use XP and the default styles, shrink the titlebar font size down to 20 from 25... makes them look less toy like and more like proper windows.:)
This might be more useful for some people.
Quote:/server -a -g GameSurge -d GameSurge European Servers
/server -a -g GameSurge -d GameSurge US Servers
These are two commands that will add gamesurge to the list under IRC network. Add one of these commands to your status window. If you dont live in the states or europe click on wha's link to find out which server is best for you. Then look under where wha was pointing you earlier. Under options, connect, servers, irc network, and gamesurge should be their. You have to input the commands into the status then find gamesurge under IRC network.
the only line your missing is an auto-auth line... most average people would want it to do that too.:)
The perform does that.
[CAKE Wrote:anonymity,Feb 26 2004, 02:07 AM] The perform does that.
You were missing the li'l bit that Wha? showed. :) For those that use multiple networks, putting everything in "All Networks" would have you joining channels that do not exist and trying to message someone that doesn't exist. Out of interest, you should be able to do the auth commands via /AUTHSERV and rather than the full blown /msg [...].
Heh, yeah, but I'm using the old command from gamesnet. They originally didn't have an /authserv command, and because of account jackers, the was required for it to work. I just changed the 'n' to "urg" and dropped the t.
Oh i know its not there. Too be honest I dont know where it is, but it works so im happy. If it stops i know I can put it back in the
perform pretty easily.

I also dont use any other network, so you guys should feel special B)
Heh. I use a few so that's why I have it on a network specific one. You'll probably find that it's in there as well... just got a bit mixed up by putting those join commands afterwards.

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