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Quote:People in China get a bullet in the back of their head if they are comvicted of dealing drugs. Look at the laws in certain Muslum countries. I forgot though it always us bad Americans who take the blame when we put muderers to death.

I didnt say that only the usa are acting wrong

Quote:I'm sorry Gragoon, but if my life or someone's I care about is on the line I will do what I have to do to protect it.

well..kill because u want to protect ur family when a guys comes wiht a gun into ur house is nat a bad thing.but it doesnt protect someone if u kill a person after this person killed a third person..what this person did was wrong..but how I said..u dont stop to be human because u are a murderer. and the death penalty doesnt wark as a determent. the usa has more more muders than other countries..most other countries
what the usa does isnt timely..its an acting from the stoneage
Erm, according to guinness, India has the most murders.

Were you taught to dislike everything about the USA or something with the reference that everyone is better/more advanced than us? You said not only the usa, but thats the only country I see. I could never put another country down because of their beliefs/laws/culture/past. We aren't perfect, but I must say though, if this is the stoneage, then I'm damn proud to be living in it.

What isn't timely, due process?

While you say capital punishment isn't deterring, then what would be? Think it would be better without it since its 'not working'?

If we were so developed crime wouldn't exist. I don't understand "they did it first" because that would relate to all laws. Someone has to do something first to break a law otherwise again, we would have no crime.

Crime - Punishment
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it is ur right to live. thats why muder is a crime. (in the usa and almost everywhere else).
but why do u think u can loose the right to live? to u stop being human after comiting a crime?
and if ur answer here is yes I want an explanation. please. and if it is not u should think about the death penalty.
if one person rapes a woman for a example then he is still human althoug the thing he did was..we would say unhuman..but he is stil a human. there are men who sometimes behave like a child. when they are joking around..but they are still man although the believed not like one.
and remember all the innocent guys who got killed because a court said that they were guilty.
no court in the world can be should be especially in a coutry with uses a death penatly
one thing: I dont hate, I dont want to discriminate against or tel u that the usa are bad. but there are some things in that country that arent like they should be in a country like the usa is.
A person that cant contribute to the world with any meaning, and commits a terrible crime, shouldnt expect to be taken care of the rest of his life but the same people that he committed the crime against, but in turn we cant let him go free to do the unspeakable again, so we are at a crossroad that will make some people feel as though we have committed justice were other see it as another crime. We dont do this on a stage for the world to see so that we may gain acceptance, we do it to protect ourselfs from this person and any acts of violence that he would do in the future. It is a deterrent of sorts because you know full well that if you commit a crime of this nature the punishment has been spelled out for you and your fate sealed, so you care not for your fate, or for the fate of the person you kill, if you go ahead and do the deed. IMO

sidenote...I think if we killed them directly after the trial it would be unjust, because time will tell if we convicted an innocent man, also I believe we should do a better job defending him in trial so that we are sure of his guilt before his death sentence is carried out, I think our system is flawed but not corrupt
kermit,Jan 22 2005, 07:24 PM Wrote:Actually, largely due to geographical reasons, I'd imagine that immigration patterns between the U.S. and Canada are much different (you can check that out, I have a hockey game to go to). Also, the skill-set and economic status/potential of the immigrant is likely different. Wherever you have a large portion of poor people, you are going to have substantial street crime. It has little to do with ethnic differences or cultural attitudes as it has to do with economic disparity.
I do agree with you that it has to do with econmoic disparity. Crime has to do with a lot of things that are all very complex. I just dont think the immigration patterns would differ enough to make a statement such as "immigrants commit most of the crime" true in the US but untrue in Canada. Espically considering Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world.
Grits I thing you went a little too far.
Don't you know this sort of behavior is bad for the city? :P

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haha...if only she actually did that..

good stuff.
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