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seems to have been a lack of posts since the end of january, so i'll just go off of what was last debated in GRITS' unnerving tag post.

i personally wouldn't argue either side. no matter what you do you won't get complete closure. if anyone thinks the problem will disappear with either counseling or a bullet in the head i would have to laugh. will the problem go away? the answer is a resounding no. i'm personally pro-life no matter how much i want to tear someone apart, but when it comes to the whole i'm pro-choice.

do they deserve to live? are you depriving them of some inherited right to life? do you deserve to live? how exactly does someone DESERVE anything? your personal ranking of what someone has to do (or not do) to deserve anything is relative anyways. i'm not saying i do this, but the most logical and justified solution would be to look out for number one...and of course the things/people number one has grown emotionally attached to.

Ooh back on that old potential world war causing chestnut are we?

Thats ok, theres so many viewpoints were all bound to disagree. So lets start doing so.

Personally i'm roughly 90% pro choice, possibly higher... for some reason I'm anti celebrity abortions but I think thats just because they're richer than me.

Otherwise, I've seen 16 year old girls dropped out of school (16 is minimum dropout age here) and working full time and on the worst jobs, because theyve got to look after the kid. I used to know a slightly older girl at burger king who said she physically couldnt afford the food we were selling on her wages after she took out rent and childcare. Alright, so bk is more expensive than McDs, and the wages are bad, but you get my point. She couldnt go study (she didnt want to do traditional school but she couldve done like an apprenticeship or even just get a bottom end office job and try to work up).

Now, you can argue that the kids who made them pregnant should have more responsibility. Thats true, but at the same time, they arent considered mature enough to sign a contract. They aren't old enough to legally drink alcohol. So if someone tells me that they should be thinking responsibly, I'd point out how little we rely on them for doing just that.

So, its a weighing up of 2 questions. Is adoption a viable option, and do we have a responsibility to make sure that people not considered responsible have a safety net. Remember that all these peoiple are younger than me, ie. were born way way after abortion became legal in the uk. These are the ones people have committed to. I can't talk about adoption, because I honestly don't know enough about it. The other question, well, I've made myself clear enough, I could try shorter words and speaking slowly if it helps.
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