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the death of a friend
Soulsolution died yesterday morning at around 1 AM central time, I know some had problems with him but I enjoyed his company and we had some good times together and I will miss him greatly.

good bye Soul....
he was a good friend ...

good bye soul
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I enjoyed talking to Soul On every occassion im sad to see him go. I hope that he is happier in his next life.

R.I.P- Soul Solution
he had his times but he was ok

Good buy soul
"I didn't do it"

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Matthew Bach
Matthew Bach passed away November 10, 2005 at the age of 20 years. He is the son of Thomas M. and Cheryl L. Bach nee Keogh, brother of Thomas Michael Bach, Jr., grandson of Cecil Thomas and Betty Lou Bach nee Kreitlow. Graveside services will be Saturday, November 12, 2005 at 2 p.m. at Meramec Hills Cemetery, Cuba.
Matt was a real person, as SoulSolution he was a great ricochet player and damn good at most of the other mods online.
He made a male model for Ricochet and was a spray spammer extraordinare, made some of the first and most memorable custom sprays
As Matt he became real life friends with fritoman aka Don and fritokid aka Josh and they spent weekends playing paintball and other real life social lan games;)

All of us touch each others lives in one way or another, it is really hard when we lose someone.

bye SS

He and I never really got along... but... damn...

what happened?
Wow.... just... wow.
Woah. Sad to see him go at such a young age. Still yet sad, maybe he can find a better place.
What..umm..cant find words.. I can jsut say that Ill miss the teamspeaksessions with him and that I wish him good luck for whatever he has to face now :(
I don't know what to say.. I never really knew him. Just rest in peace.

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I'm not really in here much, but I had to come in a have a last goodbye to soul.

There is no heaven or hell. Only life repeating itself. Yet its up to you what you make of it. Soulsolution did what he did and he is no more. Yet his soul will still be here.

May you have light and love Soulsolution. Peace.
Well, I'm INVISIBLE AGAIN ... I might as well pay a visit to the LADIES ROOM ...
Without ice cream life and fame are meaningless.
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omg... never though such a thing will happend... i will miss him

Bye Soul...

Ill remember the teamspeak sessions too.
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are good friend that was a great paint baller and css,dod,dod2,cs,hlmd(ext) is not gone he is in the mermimac cemitary cya soul you were a great friend and a great gamer
[Image: josh-waggoner-sticker.jpg]
Bye Soul:(Listenin to your conversations with frito on TS2 were some of the funniest and most random things i've ever heard - definitely gonna miss eaves droppin on that:P
Didn't really speak to him alot - and my memory is pretty poor so i don't remember alot about him... was he ill with something?
As with most nothing I can really add. Tragic to say the least.
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now that he is gone we will have to cherish his time and have a good time because he loved video game so he wants us to play.
[Image: josh-waggoner-sticker.jpg]
As a community we are more like a family. Losing a member is like losing a brother. This hurts us all even if some of us disliked soul, it hurts to see him go. There will be no other like him and there will never be another. But lets never forget the memory of SoulSolution leave us for good. Soul, you will be missed, Rest in peace brother.
I'll see you on the other side.
I never realy talked to soul... but we'll all miss your buddy.

does anyone know what happened?
It was unexpected
You're going to miss your flight, Vincent.
"The silver thorn of bloody rose lie crushed and broken on the virgin snow":( rest well SoulSolution, gg's....
The service was nice and I took plants for the family, It was very sad of course but I thought I might fill everyone in, the rain held off til the end so that was a good thing. I still expect to come home and see a ton of messages from him or to get cell phone messages thru out the day like I used to ( my cell phone is full of his old messages)...still look at his name on my MSN list waiting to see it light up...but I guess it will always stay offline from now on...still gonna take some getting used to.
I know this post is very old but instead of posting in the tattoo one this time i wanted to show this
' Wrote:I know this post is very old but instead of posting in the tattoo one this time i wanted to show this

Made me tear up. whose tat?
' Wrote:
' Wrote:I know this post is very old but instead of posting in the tattoo one this time i wanted to show this

Made me tear up. whose tat?
Joshua had this done

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