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Froot's recommendations
Gungrave, 26 episodes. some dude (Brandon Heat) is the main guy, big guns, lots of boom boom action. And it has a story aswel - how rare:)Pretty much ignore the first episode if you want, the story starts at episode 2 and the events in episode 1 are reshown in like... 17 or something.
It's Japanese, but has english subs - so if you're a lazy anime fan and want english dubbed - don't bother watching.. there's alot of reading.:)

Bleach - not sure how many episodes.. i'm on 65 at the mo and having trouble gettin any further ones. Again it's japanese with english subs and sometimes the subtitles go past a bit quick if you don't pay attention. Again - some dude (Ichigo) can see ghosts, and one day he sees a monster and a strange girl kills it with a samurai sword... turns out shes a "death god" and in a fight circumstances mean she can't fight - so she gives her powers to ichigo who turns out to be like Super dooper strong and she's like "wtf is he?". Anyway thats how it starts, if you like anime i guess you have to like this cause it's typical of the fighting genre.

TriGun - 26 episodes (i think... can't be bothered to look at the case, lol). Vash the stampede, the man with $$60 Billion on his head, he's a complete doofus and hates fighting.. but he's a legendary gunman and everyone wants to claim the reward so he's always getting in trouble. Eventually it turns out to have a story, but the beginning, though storyless, sets the characters so you know how they act etc and are entertaining to watch. Spose this paragraph was a waste since everyone's seen it.

Paranoia Agent is for you "Weird Anime" fans. It's completely screwed up... but watchable and passed the time. There's English dubbed version, or japanese with subs if you prefer. The story is some kid on blades who goes around slogging people with a bent baseball bat and the effect he has on the public.

Elfen Lied is another fairly strange anime, but it's alot simpler to follow than Paranoia agent. Some girl (Nyuu) escapes from some military thing by killing about 1000000000 men in the first episode without seemingly doing anything. She has invisible hands that come out her back, called Vectors.. She has 4 of them with a 2 meter range or something. The story revolves around her and the guy that's been nice enough to take her in to his home. Worth a watch i'd say. There's english dubbed and japanese versions available for ya... soooo... watch away.

that should keep you noobs going for a week or 2. lol
Beck - Follows the story of a Boy named Tanaka Yukio (nicknamed Koyuki) who ends up being friends with quite a talented guitarist (Ryuusuke). Blah blah blah - school troubles, blah blah blah - girl troubles, blah blah blah - band troubles, blah blah blah - struggle against "the man" to become big. Pretty good - dispite all my blah's in this:Pi recommend this^_^ 26 episodes, japanese audio - good quality fan subs.

Orphen && Orphen Revenge - Orphen follows the story of a sorcerer (how the hell do you spell that??lol) called Orphen and his struggles to restore his old friend Asali to her former uh... form!:otroubles with other sorcerers from his old school of sorcery follow him and keep screwing things up. 26 episodes, english dubs available or subtitled.
Orphen revenge i'm still in the process of watching... so i'm not 100% what the story is but it follows the same sorcerer and takes place after the events in 'Orphen'. As usual he's travelling around and trouble is always behind him. It's a very... uh, kiddy, anime.. but it's easy watching, so if you have nothin better to do you should watch it:)not sure how many episodes, assume 26... english dub available and japanese with subs.

Shadow Skill - one of my favourite animes, not sure why but it is:DEnglish dubs available aswel as subtitled. story follows Gau Ban, a boy who's parents were murdered by bandits and Elle Ragu, newly appointed Sevale (Highest ranking Vale), takes him under her wing as her adopted brother and teaches him the fighting art of Shadow Skill. Gau Ban has his eyes set on becoming stronger than Scar Face, the strongest fighter that ever lived. Elle's always getting in debt and breaking pretty much anything she touches - so they're always working to pay off her debts as they travel round doing various tasks and training.

Another update from the frootster ;o
You should check out kenshin froot.
i've been waitin for someone to post it on usenet :/ soon as its posted ill be downloading it:)theres afew i've been waiting for.. Witch hunter robin, Hellsing ultimate, outlaw star, kenshin... to name a few off top of my head :/ theres always somethin else to download while i wait though.:)
Only one I've seen is Trigun... thanks to SoulEvan... pretty interesting stuff:)

Does DBZ count as anime? :P
long as it's not edited by funimation.. dbz is fine:olol
<----- loves me some DBZ!

Oh and what's that one with the cats and pizzas??

Oh and swatcats are cool too... wait are they cartoon or anime?
Quote:Originally Posted By
Bleach: Ichigo Kurosaki is an average 15-year-old who never asked for the ability to see ghosts. He was born with the gift. When his family is attacked by a Hollow, a malevolent lost soul, Ichigo becomes a Soul Reaper, dedicating his life to protecting the innocent and helping the tortured spirits find peace. Bleach, licensed from VIZ Media, debuts this fall.

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