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Whats the point?
Feeling a bit down atm, nothing major, but it made me wonder. I could list all the things I think are good or bad in the world, but can't really be bothered and it wouldn't resolve anything. So I figured I'd ask you guys, in kind of a poll without any defined answers. You don't have to reply, and some people may not have an answer, or at least not know it.

What exactly is it that gets you out of bed every morning, of every day, of every year?
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Good and bad just take it in stride. There's alot out there to experience... and hey, you gotta spend time somehow :P
' Wrote:What exactly is it that gets you out of bed every morning, of every day, of every year?

Gotta pee, gotta pee!..

Ok.. Maybe not EVERY morning..

The reason I get out of bed every morning... The fact that you can't predict what will happen that day, is what gets me out of bed. I guess my needs of having fun, socializing, and learning fits in that too.
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' Wrote:What exactly is it that gets you out of bed every morning, of every day, of every year?

One word: Love.
The reason I get up in the morning is that I am interested in seeing what the outcome of the day will bring, if something good or something bad happens, it dosent make a difference. The funny thing about depression is that it clouds your mind and makes you forget all the good times you have had and all the good days, and makes you dwell on the negitive far to much, but the good thing about depression is when its over you totally forget why you felt the way you did or even how it felt.

and thats the reason I......
wake up
get out of bed
and drag a comb accrossed my head :P
Nice job guys, those are a lot of good reasons to get up out of bed in the morning.

One of the reasons I get out of bed in the morning is because I have people who would worry about me if I didn’t show up at work, didn’t answer my phone, didn’t log onto mIRC or the forums, people I care about and people who care about me. I don’t like to scare people or let them worry, I can’t imagine how terrible it would be for them, or how selfish it would be of me, if I neglected their feelings in my choice as to whether or not I should call it quits on the world. And the person who cares the most about what happens to me? She is writing this post. I get up for me because I make the day what it is and know it is but one day in my life and one day it wont be my choice as to whether or not I can get up out of bed. Obligations, compassion, emotions, anticipation, responsibilities…consciousness itself, are all reasons to get out of bed. We all have bad days, weeks, months….if we let it get us down for too long then the negativity wins and I am not a person who does well with losing at something that I have some control over. So long as it is my choice I will be getting up out of bed every morning (or afternoon on weekends), to see what life has to offer me and see what I can do to make me smile.
Ok, interesting answers.

Btw when I said it wasn't anything major, I did mean it. It was just that I wondered whether everyone had the same reason or not. I have a wierd mind like that.

So far, by and large, it seems they do. I would put it differently to frito, miagi, and FF, but they all put it differently to each other anyway. I was worried that grits might actually be a saint until she put that bit in the middle:D

Nitro, thats damn great for you. Doesn't work for everyone everyday though, otherwise the whole world would always be busy staring googly-eyed at each other and nothing would ever get done:D
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Hmmm, i had a bad struggle with depression a while ago. The thing that kept me going and kept me getting out of bed every day were the people that cared about me, even if i couldent justify it for them i would justify wakeing up because my pets needed me, food etc... Seems silly now but you do what you have to.

The other thing i noticed, when i was in highschool, i really had a big hate for the world. It gets you down really bad when you think about how many jerks there are around. Then i realized no one cares if i hate them the only person that it has any effect on is me. Hate then basicaly stopped in my life. It had a large effect on the way the world saw me and the way i saw it. Your always going to run into people that want to make your day miserable. And the worst thing you can to to them is not be botherd by it:)
A marvelous question indeed... I think what wakes me up in the morning is the prospect of going to sleep that following night.:)

If I weren't around, who would tell all my friends that their dumbasses?

As long as you don't turn emo, you'll always have my (our?) respect.:)

Now... lets make fun of some races and this'll be a damn fine post.
No no squish. Me turning emo would be something along the lines of

"WAAAAAAAAA!!!! Mummy wouldn't let me have another cookie!!! Life is SO unfair!!!!"
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I'ld have to go with Miagi on that one.

Quote:Gotta pee, gotta pee!..

But all in all, gotta put food on the table for my kid.

If that wasn't the case I would sleep til the afternoon at least. :P

Or maybe I get up in the morning cuz I am lazy, I do less at work than if I were to stay home. (interesting)
I'm required by law to go to school.

Just kidding, that is the reason I wake up so EARLY everyday at least.

I'm a person that likes to see progress or productivity, so if I sleep all day and nothing gets done, well then you just wasted a day. That is just weird to me, just wasting a day. I'm also a highly competitive person, so I know if I don't go to school or learn, then others are "beating" me, I wnt to wake up do good, go to college, kickass, get a job and provide for my future family. If I just slept all day, that dream wouldn't be possible. I guess I'm concerned with materials too much, because a big drive for me is succedding and being able to have nice things, especially cars (What, I love my cars:))

And then of course, you have your family and friends that you want to see and just enjoy life with.

Plus, I use my computer as my alarm clock, and have it so my favorite song of the week/month/whatever..plays. ITs amazing what waking up to your favorite song does in the morning, instead of a stupid "siren"..just puts me into a great mood from the get go and then I'm ready to go out and live life.
Because your ticket to the future is always blank and never documented to what can happen the next day and im always excited to see what's new for me in this world.

Sometimes the world can be corrupt
Sometimes the world can be beautiful as well

But either way these two concepts make the world a rather interesting place to live on.

I truely know that I always have a chance to start over no matter what things I have done wrong.. I learn from them and I can always improve better. If that wasn't true as many times as I have been banned I would never be able to come post here today and even respond to this thread.

You always have a second chance inlife, dont give up on yourself sir:P.

And on a side note I have people that I love and people that love me, and I have a girlfriend I been going out with for the last year and a half that I can wake up and express my feelings too without someone making fun of me. She is what I like to call the folgers in my cup, cuz she is the best part of waking up.

lol ok I need to stop because this sounds weird.
~Your Ticket To The Future is Always Blank~
For me, its being the best that I can be. That means building my body to the best shape it can be, improving my mind to the best of my abilities, and I could go on and on about the things that I want to be the best at but that would take forever.
But for me, its that challenge, its my reasoning for getting up. Its my reasoning for existing, to know that I lived my life to its fulliest, and becoming the best that I can at whatever I do.
There is simply to much out there for me to do to simply give up. I feel the need to explore things, because there are people I know in my life who died young and never got to experience the things that I have experienced and will continue to experience.

Plus, I like to pee and eat, so wouldn't work out anyway... B)

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