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"Jesus Camp"
Brace yourself, this is a little scary.
is it just me or isnt christianity about living life unified and peacfully? and another thing about her saying your with us or against us, shouldnt we leave that decision up to a higher being and not some extremist . I was watching another clip from the movie where she was discussing harry potter she says "Warlocks are an enemy of God!!!!!" (says alot for my lv 20 warlock in WoW...:P) and "If Harry Potter was around during the days of Jesus Christ, he would have been death." Brainwashing negativity into kids minds never helps and is going to become out of control just as every other radical movement has ie. Nazis, KKK, Al Quaeda etc... and about when they are worshipping the picture of george bush, didnt he vote FOR abortion?? more to come tomorrow...
If I ever have kids..I'm going to teach them that their hands are their feet, their feet are their hands and how to kill a man with twelve different hand to hand combat techniques in the name of a god. Can I get an amen?!
Harry Potter is FICTION!<!--sizec--><!--/sizec-->
Come on, lady!
Amen Fallfree, Amen.:P
Yea, i saw the preview for that and figured it was a joke-_-
WOW just WOW makes me want to run for cover.
Looks like a cult. What was so shocking was when one of the kids said he was willing to lay down his life for god and that they were being trained to be warriors, but it was &quot;more funner.&quot; These kids are very easily manipulated right now, i guarntee you one of those kids is going to grow up to be some sort of an extremist.
Yeah, that's not the message Christianity should be trying to put across.
Unfortunately, there are those extreme types in all groups of people.
This reminds me of things like the &quot;Hitlerjugend&quot; (&quot;Hitler youth&quot; organization) or the &quot;Rassenlehre&quot; (&quot;Racial lore&quot; ) at school...

These children there are SO damn young they can't really decide between things yet and can't protect themselves from such indoctrination.

I don't have any more words for this... it's just unbelievable.
In my search for material on this subject, I happened on an interesting study (article summarizing it here). The conclusions resulting from that study, regardless of veracity for adults, are certain to be true of children, as others have said: Young minds are impressionable, inherently trusting of authority figures and their opinions, and gullible enough to believe stories that profess themselves to be true (think urban legends). This is especially potent when combined; indeed, it appears as though Church and Scripture were designed around proselytizing children, though perhaps this is due to the poor state of education in all but the last century.
I scanned the study but didn't really read it because... well... I'm too apathetic, so for all I know they may have went over this in the study.----> In the article you included it says:
&quot;All this information points to a strong correlation between faith and antisocial behavior&quot;
This is just a correlation, there is no causation proven. religion can not be seen as the variable to cause the antisocial behaviour. Other factors within the western culture could be causing or influencing these larger rates of behaviour.

I see nothing wrong with people believing what they will, I do however find it all empirically impossible that there is a god, a heaven, a hell and our spirits which will live forever in one of the two worlds. I stress the word forever because if we did not exist before birth or before all life itself how is it possible to continue existing after death; what begins must end. Although, DragonLady has pointed out to me not too long ago that my own views come in conflict with each other. I do find supernatural happenings (such as ghosts and the like) plausible because there have been a few instances where I've had what I believe to be first hand experiences (which I try to explain to myself as being shadows, products of visual hallucinations [no I wasn't high] or gusts of wind somehow in places where there is no real air source). I am not talking about aliens when I mention that because I don't &quot;think&quot; they exist, I am almost certain that they do exist. In a universe as vast as this it seems highly unlikely or even impossible that there is no other life out there.

God, as I see it is just the personification of one's parents (specifically the father) in adulthood (this view I stole from freud, he's the man). As a child we look to our parents for protection, they may or may not provide and the experiences we have in youth with relation to our parents has a fairly strong affect on how we see 'god' as we get older. If one was abused or neglected as a child god might be viewed through hate filled eyes or simply not viewed at all. In a loving relationship, God could be seen as the protecter and through hard times is someone to turn to. In contradiction to this theory, however, I've had a great relationship with my parents and don't believe in God, but perhaps that's in part to being raised by agnostics giving me the freedom to choose what I believe.

Children, as was already mentioned, are much more impressionable than adults and this is a large problem factor in this Jesus Camp thing. If you go to church or a christian school, whatever. Yes of course religion is pushed in these environments but to train a child for use in whatever religiously maniacal events you have planned is just wrong. How is it any different than terrorism. Not to racially mark &quot;terrorism&quot;, but as it is seen by the majority, &quot;terrorism&quot; mostly comes from the middle east. This Jesus Camp crap is just terrorism from the west.

To summarize, I believe in no God and see religion in its entirety to be complete bs.
&quot;Don't wanna be in the ground, cremate me when I expire. Since I'm gonna burn in hell I should get used to the fire.&quot; -Cage, Waterworld
Quote:&quot;All this information points to a strong correlation between faith and antisocial behavior&quot;
This is just a correlation, there is no causation proven. religion can not be seen as the variable to cause the antisocial behaviour. Other factors within the western culture could be causing or influencing these larger rates of behaviour.
Indeed, this position is supported within the study's introduction, &quot;This is not an attempt to present a definitive study that establishes cause versus effect between religiosity, secularism and societal health. It is hoped that these original correlations and results will spark future research and debate on the issue.&quot;[1] That said, religion can still be viewed as the cause: The correlation is just the evidence that make the hypothesis credible--though a hypothesis it remains. Reasonable speculation along the lines of that premise can now also be seen as credible. This correlation, however, does run directly counter to an oft-touted hypothesis, and can quite rationally be viewed as outright disproof:
Quote:Remarkably, no one, until now, has attempted systematically to answer the question with which this column began. But in the current edition of the Journal of Religion and Society, a researcher called Gregory Paul tests the hypothesis propounded by evangelists in the Bush administration, that religion is associated with lower rates of “lethal violence, suicide, non-monogamous sexual activity and abortion”. [2]
Ok cool. So more research is needed about the impact of religion on mental abnormalities or depression. There's not much more I can say other than what I've already said.

The idea in general of taking control of children at such an age and deciding their futures for them is just innappropriate. ummmm....

a debate only works when there are two sides responding sooo... ya.

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