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Watch, An Inconvient Truth
This video is so awesome, it's being nomiated from oscar to nobel piece prize.

Al gore explains this with fully detail that will have you thinking outside the box of our future.

It's a must watch movie! Help prevent global warming!
~Your Ticket To The Future is Always Blank~
I agree, very good movie!

We can't prevent global warming, maybe only slow it..but not really.

There are a lot of research thats show the opposite of what Al Gore suggests. And a lot of is common sense you learn in elementary. Our planet has gone through many warming (tropical/dinosaur) stages and ice ages in its history. This is evident in ice samples at the poles and through other discoveries. How does he explain that? We weren't here to cause it with all our "bad" stuff.

Our earth is on a tilted axis that actually wobbles which causes changes in weather patterns.

I can go on and on about this..but those are the big ones.

Global Warming is a political issue.
never at this rate though
When we've only had one measureable snowfall in southeast pa... somethings going down :/
Lol, even general weather can go through year cycles. Remember El Nino a couple years back? It rained and rained and rained and then the El Nino cycle stopped and we haven't had that crazy amount of rain since then, back to normal or below normal amounts.
I think the scientific community is pretty much agreed that global warming is a legitimate concern. Regardless of the global warming issue human beings in general could be much more environmentally friendly then we are. To me that justifies spending of tax dollars in order to improve.
I agree that we should try to become more economical and environment friendly. I don't see where tax dollars come in to play though.

Each year, the US continues to raise the standards for the amount of CO2 and other pollutants that are allowed to come out of cars. Cars continue to become more efficient. GM will have Hydrogen cars on the road by 2010 (I'm sure the California area will get an infrastructure up and running first. Biodiesel and Ethanol all help. GM even showed a new plug in hybrd, while really this does nothing because it just draws electricity from your house, which most likely powered by coal somewhere else. GM also have two levels of Hybrids and they are starting with hybrids on their big SUVs/Trucks where the most gain can be made and then their cars. This is JUST GM. Toyota has lots of hybrids also. Honda is in a race with GM for the Hydrogen cars.

The EU has just tried to pass a new level of restriction for car pollution so much that automakers are fighting it.

Move to Nuclear power for the love of the world. The last plant built was decades ago and everyone is still scared. Our technology is so much more advanced now. It would provide an insane amount of clean energy and we could stop burning coal for energy.

Wind energy. Texas is going insane with it, I think we have the most wind energy in all of US (beat out Cali last year).

This is the work of private companies and govt mandating change.

Sure more budget money could go to the govt agencies that protect the environment, but I just don't see that happening. It seems all the money goes to either defense spending or medical health spending, NIH.
I want to get involved in this debate....Im reading up first

scientific data
' Wrote:I want to get involved in this debate....Im reading up first

scientific data

The movie educated me alot.. It wasn't the facts in the movie that got me so hyped on it.

It was much of the common sense that happened How do you explain this? New Foundland having ice waves? Greenland ice is melting at 80 cubic sq miles a year.

And this is what is happening.

IMAGINE if the sea level even comes up BY A FOOT it could be terrible for other countries that are surrounded by water.

Global warming doesn't have to do with just warming up the earth also. It has to do with low temperature as well.

3 WEEKS AGO $400 MILLION DOLLARS worth of crops in california was FROZEN. They had to double the fruit/veggies prices in the grocery stores by x2 in the store.


In the mornings it would be like 15 degrees... THIS HAS NEVER EVER happened.. EVER. There is something wrong with this picture.

I mean if you look at it, 2 years ago when I went to Texas, Texas HAD a drought. Usually when I go to Texas for the christmas holidays it's like 15 degrees in the morning and 30 degrees when night caps off.

When I went to Texas 2 years ago IT WAS in THE 90'S in the evening And there WERE FIRE HAZZARDS EVERYWHERE.

There was so much fire that they had to ban fireworks for new years that following year.

And Last year in California, Palm springs has the HOTTEST weather. And the highest was 122 for pal springs during the summer.

And guess what?

MALIBU which is next to the OCEAN was 125+ last summer.

Other places that has never been recorded to EVEN GET THAT HOT were surpassing palm springs. Palm Springs was no longer the hottest city in California. This has never happened EVER.

And the common sense gets me thinking like... when I was little kid the hottest the most time I would go swimming with friends was at least in August. Like Late July and August. That's when me and my cousins and friends would go swimming because summer never gets hot at the beginning of it.

And what happened last year?

When JUNE HIT, THE FIRST DAY OF JUNE, we were in the 110's in Los Angeles. This never happens.

Summer was already hot when the first day of summer came. I was literally on the computer in my boxers right when I finished high school in June and graduated for summer vacation.

And if you put 2 and 2 together you know there is something definately wrong with this picture.

My freaking bird bath was frozen ACTUALLY FROZEN when I woke up and I live in Los Angeles... a couple of weeks ago.

There is so much ice melting in Greenland that scientist just discovered a new island that they never knew even existed.

If you watch the movie you will see the Before and After from 25 yrs until now pictures of the Montains that have tons of ice and water flowing.

Some of those mountains, especially in africa are DEPLETED with no ice/water even left.

I gurantee you if we as America, do not fix this problem or reduce our carbon dioxide levels putting out into the air, a country is going to have severe problems. ANd if it's one of those countries with nuclear technology that have problems because of this issue... Than who knows what's going to happen.

The video makes a TON of sense. And there is sooooo MUCH evidence and common sense. If you just compare the temperatures as your childhood and look at it now when the seasons come. It's CRAZY different.

I really thought, global warming was a myth until I watched the video and I used common sense. To find answers why is it 6 degrees in Los Angeles? Why is there actually in Los Angeles, when since I been born here I have NEVER seen ice in LA when I woke up. Maybe on the car window in the morning just like frost. But this is actual ice.

Global warming IS NOT a political issue. It's a World issue. And It's not a myth. IT IS WORSE than the movie shown.
~Your Ticket To The Future is Always Blank~
Global warming happens in cycles. You cannot Stop it, you cannot slow it. We have sped it up a little bit, but it was gonna happen anyway. Why aren't you more concerned with the fact that the magnetic poles are due to flip in the next 100 years, causeing temporary enourmous atomostphere holes, resulting in raising cancer rates, ect. ect.? Calm down, you're all gonna be dead before it happens anyway. It won't seem like sucha big deal in 20 years
Im not even going to get into this debate, unfortunately some of us are too wraped up in the politics to figure some of this out for ourselves. I was saying the movie is good because of 2 reasons. Awareness, knowing its an actual problem is a good thing. Also motivation, Gore has done an amazing job with this movie. It gets to a point where its not even about global warming. About what you as an individual can do and how you can make an impact on millions of people as just one person. So if you dont belive in global warming or dont belive its an issue atleast watch it for that.
Lol, it might of never happened in your life, but it has happened. Almost all of earth was covered in ice once, and then it was all tropical another time. It fluctuates back and forth.

And the idea that we can actually control weather, is just ridiculous and arrogant.
Seriously, stop humping George Bush's leg and face the facts. We are sevearly poluting the atmosphere, and adding huge ammounts of extra carbon to the carbon cycle. 1+1=2 thats just the way it works.
oh yeah, and it's Bush's fault, right?

Yeah, we may be doing some poluting. And I think it's our job to take care of the earth that was given to us...but the ozone layer depletes and replenishes itself naturally every day. It has for x * 10^n years.

The scare science of Global Warming is a mythical hoax. It is a political argument.
' Wrote:oh yeah, and it's Bush's fault, right?

Yeah, we may be doing some poluting. And I think it's our job to take care of the earth that was given to us...but the ozone layer depletes and replenishes itself naturally every day. It has for x * 10^n years.

The scare science of Global Warming is a mythical hoax. It is a political argument.

spoken by an investor in direct contrast to highly educated scientists, no one is blaming the idiot in office but for his c+ ass to contradict the same highly educated people as I spoke of before is stupidity, and for people to believe him over the same people is of the same quality of stupidity.

oh yeah and this part is great "The scare science of Global Warming is a mythical hoax. It is a political argument."

yeah the people on the side of taking better care of the earth are going to make millions of dollars by doing so.....I dont think so, I think what they are going to gain is a better place to live for us and for the future.

also everyone that says "we can slow it down but not stop it" is admiting that we are doing damage. because if we change the way live and slow it down, then it is what we have changed that is doing the damage in the first place.
' Wrote:oh yeah, and it's Bush's fault, right?

Is not even close to what i said. I was saying Quicks views on this seemed to be those of Bush's.

Unfortunately politics has gotten involved in this arguement. Its realy not a political issue. People for a long time diddent think we could impact the environment and its realy too bad people cant seem to change their opinions.

...poor Galileo.
Alright, pretend that....

carbon is ms pacman and the ozone are the little white pearls, a normal occurance... but what if there were assloads of ms pacman put in the game by the designer... the pacmen would eat the pearls faster because there were many more of them.. and all of the former ice ages you speak of had a cataclysmic event of some sort start the mass extinction... and as we can tell, we haven't had that happen, and the only variable we can f ind is the human factor... so we must put enough shit into the atmosphere as a supermassive volcano or a meteor hitting the surface. And those put up a cloud of crap for the ice age to start... not simply adding more pacmen to the sky!!!

it's late, i felt like talking about pacman, so shoot me:D
I'm not evening humping Bush's leg. I could care less what he believes.

Global warming is out of our control. You can't ignore the facts that the earth has gone though ice ages and tropical stages back and forth throughout its history. Its a known fact. We weren't here, so it wasn't our influence.

Trying to justify global warming by our life span is a JOKE. The earth works in thousands if not millions of years cycles.

And one thing that is never mentioned, but is/has happened is increased sun activity.

Also the magnetic field of the Earth has switched in its history. Any changes in magnetic field have huge ramifications for the climate and definetly our lives. We just weren't here the last time it did it (78,000 years ago).

You have the titled and wobbling axis (already touched on that).

So there are some things that are TOTALLY completely out of our control that effect our climate and have changed in the past.

Fine, you don't believe any of that. But you can't deny the ice age and tropical eras of the Earth. That right there shows the climate is out of control. And of course the people that think we are such evil things destroying our planet, NEVER mention it.

I could even get all spiritual on yall, and say that the earth is God's creation and to think us mere humans could change the climate is a ridiculous assertion.
It is a fact we go threw weather cycles, but it is also a fact it is happening faster then it has in the past, so stop using that arguement. The same way they can tell it has happened before is the same why they can tell how long it took and they say it is happening at a much faster rate, why make it happen faster? are you tired of earth and wish to move on to other places?
Like I said, it could be the suns increased activity or the magnetic field faltering could be accelerating the warming.
First off, from what science says, All previous global climate changers were a gigantic volcano errupting or a meteor striking or years of volcanic activy or something that would block off the sun, and that would cause a cooling more often than a heating...

And if you really want to get biblical...

Revelation 11:18

But the nations became wrathful, and your own wrath came, and the appointed time for the dead to be judged, and to give [their] reward to your slaves the prophets and to the holy ones and to those fearing your name, the small and the great, and to bring to ruin those ruining the earth.”
Changed my thinking. go GORE
' Wrote:Changed my thinking. go GORE

hehe im am very obliged that I can change people oponions about the world.

I mean seriously, by the time I turn 30 in 12 more years I pray to God, that the U.S.A has done something about this crisis.

Please, if you havent watched the movie how can you come with a legitimate debate?

Im not talking to you cow but for those who dont believe that US AS HUMANS, do not play a major rule in this global warming issue.

How can we look at our children in 10 years when some of us have kids and tell them that we aren't bringing the world into disaster? No way in hell am im going to lie to my child in his/her eyes about the world. I will speak the truth and only the truth. And the truth is, us humans are abusing our planet.

The last hottest temperatures even recorded has been int he last 14 years. If that's not enough evidence than I dont know what to say.

Please watch the movie.

Now, despite that I am ignorant and act stupid and I have a history of doing that. Im just trying to spread positive truths and facts. This film is pure genius and has changed my oponion on alot of things. And the daily things I do throughout the day. Right now I have 11K saved. Im going to buy me a hybrid car. I just cant figure out which one yet. But im going to put a down payment on it because I can afford it with the money im making monthly.

Now instead of driving a cadillac esclade with 22 inch rims. Im going to be driving a hybrid car. All the ghetto people want cars on the music videos. They always ask me what do I want what kinda car I like. I tell them a hybrid car lol. And it's sad they dont even know what a hybrid car is and why we have hybrid cars for our environment.

Im trying my best to spread this film to those who are missing out on the truth and the abuse we will leave to our offspring.

It's time for a change and time to wake up.

' Wrote:Like I said, it could be the suns increased activity or the magnetic field faltering could be accelerating the warming.

Even if it is that. But your statement is, "COULD".

But even so that statement doesn't matter. Because we do know hard based evidence what WE are as the American people are doing to those around the world with evidence.

Forget about about that could,would,should bullshit.

Lets act now to what we know.

And what we do know is A WHOLE LOT, that it is true to what we are doing to our planet which is terrible.

Even if you dont believe the video completley. EVEN the small things we do to this planet mentioned in that video are bad for the environment.

The smallest negative issues we are doing to the world ARE HUGE to those who walk on this planet my brotha.

Let's look at on what we do know for facts instead of theories. Lets act on what we do know.

We do know America is the top country that is polluting the most way more than the other countries that even have technology.

We gotta start small to go big. Al gore is starting small and talking to every city in each state.

Eventually he will have his own 60 minute or CNN interview so everyone will know by than what we need to do is change.
~Your Ticket To The Future is Always Blank~

thought this might be found intresting...

btw, how awesome is their script?
Al Gore's Inconvenient Electric Bill
Thursday , March 08, 2007

By Steven Milloy

The March 1863 Enrollment Act permitted wealthy men to legally dodge the Civil War draft by paying a $300 commutation fee to the U.S. Government. This controversial loophole fueled public perception of a “rich man’s war, but a poor man’s fight.”

The sight of well-dressed men during the 1863 New York City draft riots prompted angry crowds to derisively call out, “There goes a $300-man.”

It is, therefore, somewhat odd that Al Gore has ventured to become a latter-day $300-man in his crusade against global warming, especially since he touts himself as courageously leading the charge for wide-spread personal sacrifice.

At the end of Gore’s movie, “An Inconvenient Truth,” viewers are asked, “Are you ready to change the way you live”? Following this line of thinking, the movie’s web site suggests many ways that you can “reduce your impact at home,” including using less heating and air conditioning, buying expensive fluorescent light bulbs, using less hot water, using a clothesline rather than a dryer, carpooling, flying less and buying cost-inefficient hybrid cars.

Given that Gore calls the fight against global warming a “moral imperative” in the movie, you might reasonably think that he practices what his movie’s web site preaches. But you’d be wrong.

In the wake of the movie winning an Oscar last month, the Tennessee Center for Policy Research reported that Gore’s Nashville mansion consumed more than 20 times the electricity than the national average. Last August, the Gore mansion burned more than twice the electricity in a single month as the average American family uses in an entire year. Gore’s heated pool house alone uses more than $500 in electricity every month.

These latest revelations are reason enough to rent the movie just to see Gore standing before an enormous bar-graph comparison of individual carbon emissions by nationality while sanctimoniously tut-tutting about how the average American’s energy use is greedily off the charts.

A Gore spokesman tried to deflect the charges of “do as I say, not as I do” by stating that the Gores “purchase offsets for their carbon emissions to bring their carbon footprint down to zero.” Gore himself has been very public about this approach to carbon neutrality, but not only is this claim not exactly true, it’s quite meaningless in terms of global warming.

First, Al Gore doesn’t purchase carbon offsets out of his own pocket and the actual economic cost, if any, to him is unknown.

The actual offset purchaser is a London-based investment firm, Generation Investment Management (GIM), that Al Gore co-founded with former Goldman Sachs executive David Blood and others in 2004.

GIM supposedly purchases carbon offsets for all 23 of its employees to cover their personal energy use, according to a March 7 report. These offsets, then, would be provided to Gore more as an employee benefit, thus requiring very little sacrifice on his or his family's part.

Trading and or purchasing carbon offsets is an emerging business, and CNSNews is also pursuing an investigative story into whether Gore or his company are making money from these offsets. It’s quite possible, for example, that GIM’s offsets actually produce financial benefits for the Gores either through tax deductions or even business profits.

A Gore spokesman refused to shed light on the personal net financial impacts to Gore, instead telling CNSNews that Mr. Gore, "as a private citizen, does not release his private income.”

Financial matters aside, what are the environmental impacts of Gore’s offsets?

I was surprised to find that even a leading advocate of carbon offsets acknowledge that they have no impact on global climate.

The Carbon Neutral Company – one of the two vendors that sell offsets to GIM – says that offset purchases “will be unable to reduce greenhouse gas emissions… in the short term.”

Instead, they merely: (1) demonstrate commitment to taking action on climate change; (2) add an economic component to climate change; (3) help engage and educate the public; and (4) may provide local social and environmental benefits that help to encourage the use of low-carbon technologies.

The real design behind offsetting, then, is to impact the public debate, not to avert the dreaded global warming. This purpose is consistent with what I heard Al Gore say about the Kyoto Protocol following a private presentation of his climate slide show I attended at the Americans for Tax Reform offices in January, 2006.

“Did we think Kyoto would [reduce global warming] when we signed it [in 1997]?… Hell no!” said Gore. He then explained that the actual point of Kyoto was to demonstrate that international support could be mustered for action on environmental issues.

But it’s the carbon offset purchases through which Gore really validates application of the $300-man epithet to him. His company buys the offsets for their employees. There’s no cost to him. He benefits politically – and perhaps financially, as well – from them. He then advocates that the rest of us who cannot so easily offset are carbon production suffer myriad personal sacrifices.

While Gore relaxes in his posh pool house and heated pool, you should be taking shorter and colder showers, and hanging your laundry outside to dry. As Gore jets around the world in first-class comfort to hob-nob with society’s elites about his self-declared “moral imperative”, you should travel less and bike to work. You should use less electricity while Al and his wife, Tipper, use 20 times the national average. Now that’s a real carbon offset.

“Are you ready to change the way you live?” Gore literally meant you – and only you.
I know its happening and there is nothing we can do to stop it from happening.

I've been reading and ya'll have some good points on both sides, and it is a good debate. I havent made up my mind on the issue yet.

and I only have 1 question out of all the posts

Quote:It is a fact we go threw weather cycles, but it is also a fact<!--sizec--><!--/sizec--> it is happening faster then it has in the past

Yup, its that second fact that I was wondering about.
How fast did it happen in the past? was it slower?

It may sound like a funny question, but I would like to read the facts on this one. :P

That shows a comparision between the past CO2 levels before an ice age and about how high and how quickly it became what it is now on the left
Awesome video.
Wait just a minute, did John Oliver narrate that?

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