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Announcing - a new clan!!!
I hereby announce the birth of a new clan!!!

The Knights of st. Lazarus

Anyone one is welcome, just chuck KosL in your tag somewhere. I won't be bothering to keep membership lists though, and don't expect any kind of discount at HMV. But perhaps you should read into the history of the name first...

The knights of St. Lazarus were crusaders in the early medieval period. They were also all lepers. Every single one of em.

Where is the connection you say?

In medieval times, it was accepted knowledge that all lepers were, ah, great sinners, and thus could never be accepted in heaven. EXCEPT that when the pope called the first crusade, he announced that anyone who died fighting for the church in the holy land would have everything forgiven. It was like the ultimate get out of jail free card, trumping even a leper's supposed sin.

Therefore, every member of this order had a single aim. To die in battle. This is my aim in all games, and I would love you to join me.

So people, throw your discs into empty space, and step off the jump pad and into the void!!

See you on the servers.
[Image: SkaWars.JPG]

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