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Let's get a Steam Group started!
I will also post this in the Announcements section for people who who can't see the General section due to them forgetting their passwords to login.

Some of you may ask why bother with the hassle and some may not care, but I guess I still have some level of caring and interest to keep in touch with more of you even though this community for the most part shit the bed a good number of years ago.

As of now Miagi is the only one I still talk to on a frequent basis in IRC or in games. After him you have 8-up who is there regularly and a random select couple who pop up from time to time. Sadly GRITS has been gone for so long I don't even know if she popped up at all last year. Hope everything is ok.

I wish I could turn back the clock and fix things that made this community fall off the map. I wish I had spoken up more about Gwar and had him removed as a admin if only I was more outspoken back then compared to now. Getting the servers changed over to more popular games was also something we let slide for too long also. We should of had something in place back in 2006 and branched into Team Fortress 2 in 2007 when that hit and took off to what it is today. I personally think we could have survived for a bit longer doing that anyway. We would have needed a better server provider anyway since Holdouts and Stefan were always a pain to deal with. Anybody remember how stupid it was when we couldn't restart our own servers when say a map would crash and had to wait for the auto restart at 6AM the following day? Dumb, Dumb, Dumb.

There is more I could type up, but I want to move on to the point of this whole post.

Because I can't change the past the best I could come up with on the gaming side of things is to make a Steam Group. It is a good way to keep in touch with each other compared to these obsolete forums. We have access to group chat and group mic chat and it doesn't matter now what games people play since Steam is loaded with so many now compared to 2006-07. Even for those people currently playing non Steam enabled games which are mostly Blizzard games that fall under that category I would like you to join if possible just for old times sake.

I have yet to actually create the group since I want to get friends added first. Once I can get a small handful then I will go ahead and do so. Creating the group only takes a couple minutes. Getting people to join since we have been so spread apart for a good 5 years is the hard part.

I only have a few people from the past currently on my friends list besides Miagi. Quickening, Noose, and EvilCowEater are three that I also have on my list. I sent a friend request out to "vadavaka" which I assume is GRITS and to Wha? who are two accounts I knew off hand. They have not been logged into Steam for months so I am being cautiously optimistic and hope they see the requests.

Here is my account Please send me a friend request or post give me your account name so I can add you so I can make this happen. Don't mind the text I have by my profile. That is only for random people I have run lately into and does not pertain to any of the people in vadavaka. If anybody has people on their current friends list that were once a part of this community give them a heads up and either have them post here if possible or just have them send me a friend request.

I really hope there are a bunch more out there that might care. This works as a line of communication and to keep in touch with each other on a more frequent basis instead of the maybe once or twice a year that seems to be the norm with these forums.

[Image: b_560x95.png]
[email protected]
I let Joshua use my account for awhile and for some reason i have hundreds of "friends"
going to have to clean house on that list, my nephew started playing and I am tring to get
him more involved, when I get home I will get his screen name so you can add him also.
o wow, what a ride down memory lane.
For a moment I was "Who is Gwar? I remember the name but who was that". Checked my inbox from 2005(!) and saw a note from him about being banned lol.
Man that was a long time ago. 7 Years...
How have you guys been?

I'd love to see an announcement/wakeup pm out to everyone to see if they're still alive and well.
Well, I'm INVISIBLE AGAIN ... I might as well pay a visit to the LADIES ROOM ...
Without ice cream life and fame are meaningless.
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Sent you an invite.
Good to hear some of you are alive and well. I have added Shalk, Frito, and 8-up.
[Image: b_560x95.png]
Hey, nice to read some of you again! My ID is
Looking forward to having a chat/game again. I'm currently busy with writing my diploma thesis but after that I'll be back on Steam.
[Image: olbestlogo5tq.jpg]
Thanks QOLIM
[Image: olbest.png]
Added Olbest and Fuzzy to my friends list. I will create the "Vadavaka" group soon now that I see we have a bunch of people around to get it started. The reason I put the name in quotes is cause I have not thought of a final name yet. I do plan on putting Vadavaka in the name, but I am trying to find something to add to it.

I am also hoping Grits will answer my friend request, but she has not been on Steam in 144 days. Hopefully I can find a email address and get to her that way.
[Image: b_560x95.png]
Hey Power n glory i sent u an invite my name will show up as [FURY[Reaper
"I didn't do it"

[Image: scope.gif]

[Image: jason.gif]

<a href=""><img src="">
' Wrote:Hey Power n glory i sent u an invite my name will show up as [FURY[Reaper

So that is who that was. I thought it was just a random friend request that I usually get from TF2 so I deleted it since I had no idea who it was.:P

I have sent you a friend request now that I know who you are.
[Image: b_560x95.png]
Dude guys pals buddys.

Wow i just happened to check in on here. For some reason it doesn't look like i have all you guys on steam:(
Man it feels great to be back I have missed so much. I hear you power that idea sounds great:D
' Wrote:Man it feels great to be back I have missed so much. I hear you power that idea sounds great:D

Holy crap shes back!!!!!!!!!
wow it has been a long time sence I have heard anything from you, how have you been?
I just started playing tribes ascend. Some of the physics made me think, "Hey, I know a group of people who would love flying around and shooting spinny things (albeit that blow up) at each other! Let me see if anyone is around!" Glad to see this is happening.

Still haven't built myself a gaming comp, so if I'm ever on steam it is under an assumed alias that you all may know.

Let me know when you start up that group and I'll try and rally someone you all may remember.
Oops, forgot a link to the sign up.

Tribes Ascend

It is a free to play and doesn't even seem too crazy as far as "pay to win". I'm digging it.
I don't have steam as my laptop is not equipped to handle any kind of pc gaming... but you can catch me on facebook or xbox live...
XBL - CloudFuel
You're being really slow about creating that group.
Why not just call it the "Vadavaka Community"
' Wrote:You're being really slow about creating that group.
Why not just call it the "Vadavaka Community"

Yeah I have been slow. I was hoping for the longest time that Grits/Vad would show her face so I waited, but that never happened. Plus with trying to find a job and also getting more involved with a girl I met has taken up a bunch of my time. Also started to hang out more with the Steam group I am in that play the same games as I do. All of those things came about after I made the original post.

Right now my focus is on the job thing. Until I get settled in with that then stuff like this will just have to wait just a bit longer.
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