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AnimeNation is a local Anime store but also does catalog mail sales...check them out at

And its still all too expensive for me to order stuff from there....

When it comes to anime I HATE LIVING WHERE I LIVE!!!! Its so expensive to get anime here.

Average price is 30 to 40 bucks Canaidan per DVD
so like 3 bux american?
You had seven days and you came up with that? :huh:
i just saw this today, it was my first thought. had i 7 days to think and i wouldve written a novel. they have the only anime thing i would be interested in owning, and that is the entire box set of the Gundam Wing Episodes. UNfortunately, I dont think I'm willing to spend $179 on it. Not to say that I dont want it badly.
I am headed to Tampa this morning....promised GB I would go by and take a look in the bargin bin of the store...wish me luck
:offtopic:where did you ge tthat little animation sage? I came across some forums while doing a random google search and BAM! someone posted it on that forum. . .oooOOOOooo what an eerie coincidence.:baaa: <------this is the closest i found to being "On Topic"...
Dopefish gave it to me. he said it would make the coolest avatar ever, except it's too big. so, naturally, i used it as an avatar.

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